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Messaging my employers’s messaging feature is equipped with text, audio, video call, and file sharing functions to facilitate a smooth communication process. It is enabled as soon as you are awarded a project.


If you are unable to message your employer, here are some possible reasons.


For projects that are still open for bidding, it is triggered when the employer sends you a message first. Read further here for more details about the availability of messaging.


If your project is already in progress, read on to learn how you can message your employer.



via the project page


  1.  Go to the project page.

  2.  Scroll down to the Freelancers Awarded section.

  3.  Click the Open Chat button.




  4.  Your message thread for that project will pop up on the chat window.





via Chats


  1.  Click Chats on the bottom right part of the page.




Users you have previously worked with are automatically added to your contact list.




  2.  Click the name of the user you wish to chat with for your chat thread to pop up. You can also use the search field to type in a user’s name/username.



via Inbox


All message threads are kept in the Inbox. You have three ways to go to your Inbox:

  •  Click the icon from your Contacts list.

  •  Mouse over the icon at the header part of your account, and click See All Messages.

  •  On the upper portion of your account Dashboard, click the    tab.


On your Inbox, click on the employer you wish to chat with to open your conversation on the right part of the page.




Note: Sent messages cannot be unsent or removed from the recipient’s Inbox or chat window.

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