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Awarding projects

   1.  Go to the project’s page.


   2.  On the Proposals tab, locate the freelancer whom you wish to award the project to.


   3.  Click Award on the freelancer’s bid card.




If your project is an hourly one, setting up weekly billing first is required before you can award your project to a freelancer.


   4.  Review the billing details, and click Award to finish.




If you wish to award more than one freelancer, go back to the Proposals tab, and click Award on the chosen freelancer's bid card.


You can take advantage of our Recruiter Service if you need help in selecting the right freelancer. Our Project Recruiters can help connect you to the best freelancer for your project, which may also be one of our Preferred Freelancers.


Note that projects are automatically created when you accept a quotation from a freelancer.


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