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Consolidated Invoices

Checking multiple invoices involved in your project has never been easier, thanks to the Consolidated Invoice feature. From project fees, Milestone Payments, to tax invoices, you can now see all these transactions related to your project in one space.

There are two ways to view/download your consolidated invoice.

1. Through the Payments tab of your project, click on Download invoice summary.

Download invoice summary

2. From the Transaction History, click the multi-page pdf icon PDF icon across the individual transaction you would like to check. Clicking this icon will automatically download the consolidated invoice.

A consolidated invoice has three parts: Invoice Summary, Receipt, and Tax Invoice.

  • The Invoice Summary contains a list of all your receipts and tax invoices for a specific project. It is grouped by currency and invoice type (receipt or invoice).
  • Receipt is exclusive for added funds you made on your account.
  • Tax Invoice is where you can find invoices for project fees, upgrade fees, Milestone Payments, deposit fees and taxes.

In some projects, the option to view/download the consolidated invoice will be unavailable if:

For such, you can still view your invoices individually from the Transaction History.

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