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Facebook Verification

Linking your external social media account on the site, like Facebook, will not only serve as an added verification for your account but will also help improve your Trust Score.

How do you go about connecting your Facebook account to Here’s how.

     1.  Click your profile picture on the main navigation bar and choose Settings
     2.  Go to the Trust & Verification tab and click Connect with Facebook.
     Connect with Facebook
     3.  A dialog box will appear. Log in to your Facebook account. Make sure you are using your Facebook       credentials.
     Login to Facebook
     4.  After successfully entering your Facebook details, you will be routed in this pop-up modal. 
     Click Continue.

     20 points will be added to your Trust Score after successfully completing the steps above. You will also
     see the option Disconnect Facebook indicating that you successfully linked your Facebook account.
     Successful Connection

     Clicking Disconnect Facebook will lead you here:
     Disconnect Facebook

     Clicking Confirm immediately removes the Facebook account you linked to, and 20 points
     will be deducted from your Trust Score. You can still reconnect it after by repeating the steps above.

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