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Recruiter Project Upgrade

If you are having difficulties finding the right freelancer for your project, let our expert Recruiters look for the perfect freelancer for you!


By upgrading your project to Recruiter for only $11.99 USD, you will instantly be connected with a Recruiter who will assist you by: 


inviting our top freelancers - the Preferred Freelancers - to ensure you get the highest quality bids,


finding a freelancer for you based on your requirements and walking you through the next steps, and


● helping you award your project and set up the Milestone Payments to ensure a simple payment process.


You can upgrade your project while posting it and even after it is posted. 



On the Post a Project page


     1.  Go to the Post a Project page and fill out the details of your project.


     2.  Select Recruiter project on the last step.


     3.  Click Post My Project.



On the Project page


If you missed to upgrade while posting your project, you can still upgrade it while it is open for bidding:


     1.  Go to the Details tab of your project page. Alternatively, you can click the ellipsis.png tab and choose Edit Project.


     2.  Tick Recruiter.


     3.  Click Upgrade Project.


Your project will have the  ProjectUpgrade_Recruiter_tag.png  tag on its page and when viewed from the Browse Projects page.


At times, the Recruiter upgrade may appear as "SOLD OUT" due to our dedicated Recruiters being offline momentarily. If you require an urgent upgrade for your project, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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