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Project Listing Types

When browsing projects, you have the option to filter them based on Listing Types, which are upgrades that clients use to provide certain features to their projects. 



These are projects featured more prominently on the Browse Projects page to attract more quality bids.



Bids placed on Sealed projects are hidden from viewers except the client. 



Before you can place a bid on an NDA project, you should sign the Non-disclosure Agreement first, which will bind you to the project’s confidentiality.



Urgent projects are open for bidding for only 24 hours. These projects are usually time-sensitive and may require the awarded freelancer to start immediately.



Full-time projects involve ongoing or commission-based work. Project fees will only be charged to you and the client if your payment exceeds $5000 USD.



Recruiter projects are managed by Recruiters who assist clients in the selection of the right freelancer for the job. Preferred Freelancers are most suitable for these projects.



Here are two other listing types (upgrades) that clients may add to their projects.



Clients upgrade their projects to Private if they want their project details to be kept available only within the site. Discretion in these projects is a must.



If you get awarded, you will be prompted to sign an Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement, which makes it clear that all work you submit on the project will be owned by the client.


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