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Sponsored Bid

The Sponsored Bid upgrade is designed to help freelancers get noticed by employers. What it does is put a freelancer's bid on top of the bid list. Such an advantage might be just what it takes to get the project, especially for projects with a large number of bidders.

Freelancers' bids are ranked in a project's bid list based on their reputation and recent performance. In general, employers tend to award their project to freelancers who are high on the list. The Sponsored Bid upgrade allows you to get ahead of the pack by pushing your bid on top regardless of your current reputation and recent performance.

There will be only one Sponsored Bid for every project, so this upgrade is on a first come, first served basis.



How to Upgrade 

The option to sponsor your bid shows when you place a bid on a project. Find a project you’re interested in and click Bid on This Project. On the bid page, indicate the amount of payment you want to receive and how long you intend to finish the project.

Under the bid section, the Sponsored Bid upgrade is available by ticking Sponsor My Bid. The Sponsored Bid is 0.75% of your bid amount ($4.99 minimum and $19.99 maximum)

When you are sure about your bid details, just click Place Bid.

A confirmation popup will then appear indicating the Sponsored Bid fee amount you will incur. Payment will be deducted from your available balance or your verified payment method, whichever has sufficient funds.

To confirm sponsoring your bid, click Yes! Pace My Bid Now.


If you did not choose to sponsor your bid while bidding, you will still be encouraged to sponsor it with this popup that will show after your bid is placed.



If your bid has already been placed and you suddenly want to sponsor it, you can do so by locating your bid on the project's page. Click Upgrade my Bid! and select Sponsor my Bid! to upgrade.



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