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How to Find Projects

So, you've signed up at and you're hyped to start working. Welcome!

Not sure where to start, though? We've come up with this short but informative guide on how to find projects. There are two quick ways to do it on


Work Menu

The most straightforward way to search projects is through the Work menu.

To go there, hover your mouse over Work on top of your Dashboard page and a list of browsing options will appear: 


Once you choose your browsing option, you can still easily change pages to the other browsing options.


To be able to see all the jobs available (even those that aren't in your list of skills) choose Browse Categories. On this page are several categories that contain specific jobs underneath. Find the categories you are an expert at, skim through the projects posted, and start bidding. There are loads of categories on this page, ranging from Web and app development and design to marketing and translation.


Project Feed

The other method for finding projects is through the Project Feed. It is updated in real time with projects based on the skills you have listed in your profile. When logged in, you will receive popup notifications whenever a project with your skills has been posted.

The Project Feed can be viewed through the signal icon on the upper right corner of your page, near your profile picture thumbnail. Hover over it and the list of newly posted projects will show.

To edit the settings of your Project Feed, click the cogwheel icon at the upper right corner of the window, and tick or untick the notifications based on your preference. 

It's useful to keep the box ticked for receiving notifications for new contests and projects posted so you are always updated.

If you have other concerns about finding projects on the site, you can always chat with our Support Team by clicking the Chat Now! button below.


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