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How to Award a Project

Once you post a project, freelancers will be able to place their bids on it. You can then view these bids to select the freelancer who you’d like to work on your project.

There is no fee for awarding a freelancer for your project, and you do not have to deposit funds in order to select a bidder. However, it is recommended to have funds on your account for the project fees to be incurred upon acceptance of the awarded freelancer and the Milestone Payments that you will create for them.


To select a bidder, simply go to the list of bids on your project’s page. You will have the option to view all the bids submitted as well as those you have shortlisted on your Proposals tab. It is highly advisable to review the bidders’ profiles to check their reputation and qualifications when selecting the right bidder.

Once you are sure of the freelancer you want to award, simply click Award on their bid.

When you are chatting with a bidder, you also have the option to directly award your project to them. Just click the Award button at the upper right corner of your chat box with them.

If you are on the profile page of the freelancer that you want to select, you can also click Award Project at the top of their page or Award across their username.


You will be informed of the project fee you will incur if the freelancer accepts the project, and you will have to confirm the award. Your freelancer will then receive a notification that you have awarded them the project. When they accept it, you will be notified as well.

Once the project is awarded and your freelancer has accepted it, the project will be closed for bidding and you will see the status of the project as In Progress. Your freelancer can then start working on your project.

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