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Highlight Bid Upgrade

As the name suggests, the Highlight bid upgrade will make your bid stand out from the bids list as it will be highlighted in yellow. For only $1 USD, make your bid more visible to the employer for a higher chance of being awarded the project.



How to upgrade


Your can only opt to Highlight your bid when the project you are bidding on has a Sponsored bid on it.


     1.  Tick Highlight my Bid on the bid proposal form.


     2.  Complete your bid proposal, and click Place Bid.


     3.  Click Yes, Place My Bid Now to confirm.


You can still Highlight your bid even after it is placed.


On the bids list of the project, click Upgrade my Bid! across your bid. Choose Highlight my Bid!, then confirm.


Note: The Highlight bid upgrade fee is non-refundable. 

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