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Automatic vs. manual invoices

Invoicing is the easiest way to make the payments made for a project available for accounting and taxation purposes.



Automatic invoices


If weekly billing is set up for an hourly project, invoices will be generated automatically every Monday (date and time indicated are in the employer’s time zone), depending on the freelancer’s tracked hours using the Desktop App.



Only freelancers are required to download the app for tracking hours. Employers can monitor their work progress from the project page.


Hours that were not tracked can be accounted for with manual invoices.




Manual invoices


Manual invoices can only be created by freelancers.


Here are just some of the reasons why freelancers create invoices:

  • To account for untracked hours not included in the weekly billing of hourly projects,
  • To document payments made for fixed-price projects, and
  • To document additional payments made for projects.


To know about paying invoices, read here.


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