Refunding my deposit

Check the following before sending your deposit refund request:
  • The money is available in your balance. If your balance is less than your deposited amount, you have most likely used the deposit to pay for a transaction. Check your Transaction History.
  • The money is from your payment method. Funds earned from working on the site will have to be withdrawn.
  • The deposit is still active. Most deposits expire within a year but some credit card deposits expire in six months. An expired deposit is past its refundable period and should be withdrawn.
If the above points are met, click the Chat Now! button below, and send us the following details:
  • Your account username
  • Payment method used (PayPal / Skrill / Credit Card)
  • Last four digits of CC (if the deposit came from a credit card)
  • Deposit amount and currency
  • Date and time of deposit

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