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Sealed Contest Upgrade

When you post a contest, all submitted entries can be viewed by you and all users who visit your contest page. This allows participating freelancers to get ideas from other submitted entries.


With the Sealed contest upgrade, you can be sure to receive unique entries as only you can view submitted entries while participating freelancers only get to see their own. The entries will be hidden from other users and will be displayed as a lock icon with the SEALED label. All entries will only be visible to everyone after you choose a winner.




You can upgrade your contest while starting it and even after it is posted. Once upgraded, it will have the  tag.



On the Start a Contest page


To upgrade from the Start a Contest page, tick Sealed from the list of contest upgrades.



On the Upgrades tab of your contest page

If you missed to upgrade while starting your contest, you can still upgrade it while it is open for entries:

   1.  Go to the Upgrades tab on your contest page. 

   2.  Tick the Sealed upgrade.

   3.  Click Upgrade Contest once done.




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