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Buying Entries / Contest Runners-up

After awarding a winner, you can still choose to buy from the existing entry pool. The bought entry will be marked as a runner-up.


1. Go to your contest page.


2. Hover over the entry that you wish to buy, and click Buy.


Buy contest entry


3. Click Buy Now on the prompt that will appear. You should have sufficient account balance or a verified payment method to successfully buy the entry.


Confirm buy entry


Similar with the contest winner, bought entries will undergo the Contest Handover for the transfer of the entry’s ownership.


Note: The contest prize that you initially set when you started the contest is for the contest winner only; it cannot be divided among the winner and the runners-up. You will have to pay separately for the runners-up.


Completing the Handover with runners-up will not enable the feedback option. It will only be available between you and the winner.

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