Contest Expectations

Waiting for the contest holder’s decision is often nerve-racking. When you’ve put your back into coming up with a standout design, it’s not easy sitting back. You have to remember though that for the contest holder, it’s rather a challenging task to choose among so many quality entries. That is why he or she has up to 14 days after the contest closes to declare a winner.  

There might be instances when contest holders promise freelancers they will award the prize to them through private messaging. That is no guarantee, though. Some disappoint and award it to another freelancer. Please remember that you will get a notification when you’ve indeed won the contest. Shortly after that, you proceed to the Contest Handover.

The good news is the contest holder can always choose more than one winning design! Even if someone has won, the contest holder can still purchase additional designs while the contest is still active. You can learn more about Contest Runner-ups here.

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