Awarding the Contest Prize

Contests are different from projects in that the contest interface is a perfect fit for obtaining designs. It’s absolutely useful for businesses like you looking for your company’s unique business card, logo, banner, or even Facebook landing page and Twitter background. It can also be for personal use like your very own tattoo or T-shirt.

Among other advantages is the ease by which you can compare and choose the design you want. On the contest page, the entries submitted by our world-class designers are elegantly laid out for you, making the selection process a breeze. 

When you’re ready to pick a winner, it only takes these few steps:

1. Go to your contest page.

2. Hover your mouse over the entry you want to declare as the winner and click Award.

3. On the confirmation prompt, click Award Now.

Note: You have 14 days to pick a winner after the contest ends. If you are unable to do so, your contest will be locked. You will then need to unlock it first to be able to access the contest again and choose a winner. 


Upon awarding of your contest, you and the winner will get to finalize design improvements and undergo intellectual property transfer through the Contest Handover. Once the Handover process is completed, you will get the design file/s and the winner will receive the contest prize. 


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