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Transfer content and events (events created with the Events Manager plugin) from sita a to site b


I need to have some content and events (events created with the Events Manager plugin) moved from [login to view URL] (Site A) to [login to view URL] (Site B)

Knowledge required

- Wordpress admin

- MySql

- Preferred: Events Manager experience

- Read Note 1 and make sure you understand the challenge

The task:

To move about 50 pages and the Events Manager setup/pages from Site A to Site B.

To make the existing Events Manager shortcodes work on Site B

To make download-links and page links work on Site B

Some facts:

- Site A and Site B uses the same Theme template

- Site A is a Multisite

- Site B is a single site

- Site B already contains pages - but no Events

- Site B is using the Polylang Plugin

I have created a temporary test-site: [login to view URL] (single site) that contains only the pages and events that need to be moved to Site A.

But all events from Events Manager is currently missing / not exported from the multisite, because the events data from the multisite database is missing. This single site is extracted with All In One Multisite Extention. See note 1 on how to solve this issue.

- All sites are running the same Wordpress version - 5.3

- Server version Site A - php ver. 7.3.12

- Server version Site B - php ver. 7.1.33

- The following plugins is being used on site A: File Away and Events Manager - and will need to be installed on Site B as well.

- I will fix/setup the menu when the pages are moved

- The moved pages from site A must also be redirected to Site B

Test environment:

I can provide both staging sites and ftp-access to all sites. As well a copy of the sites.

I would like to test the transfer of data, pages and events on staging sites before everything is finally moved.

Note 1 - Exporting/importing Event Manager Data from multisite to single site

The support from the Events Manager Pro is writing:

Hi Chrilles,

I’ve tried to check your database but I was not able to via the adminer plugin. AIO Export requires me to install the plugin on different sites, migrate etc. which is time consuming and shouldn’t be needed to just check the database.

I’m pretty sure at this point I can guess the problem though and I’ll explain why and what needs to be done to fix it.

You currently have Events Manager in a Global Tables Multisite environment, meaning your events in the subsite you’re trying to export are using the categories used in your main blog. Taxonomies are handled very differently in this way, because we use an external table to reference the WP taxonomy table of another blog.

When you exported the single site, you didn’t export the taxonomies in your main site, and also, because now you’re in a single site mode, your site will not reference the category data stored in wp_em_meta but rather the wp_terms and other related tables of your wordpress blog.

Therefore, as the developer from the other plugin wrote to you, some manual work will be needed to migrate this data, and unfortunately, we can’t help with this.

What you need to do is export the term data from your main blog, and import it into your new single blog. The problem you might face is that you probably have categories already in your single blog, so copying the terms tables from the main blog probably won’t work.

The only solution I can see here is either manual DB copying via SQLs which may be labourious, or maybe finding a plugin that allows exporting only categories, see if they import and then adjust your shortcodes to reflect the new category IDs. It’s hard for me to say without having checked your database or knowing how many shortcodes you use which is easier.

Pro won’t make a difference here, because the issue is in the data structure between MultiSite (global tables mode) and Single Sites.

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Please bid on this task, but please also notice that I may not have time to start/reply to this job until January, 10 - 2020.



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