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Wage System in Ms Access or OpenOffice Base - 23/07/2016 22:16 EDT

Each week we pay employees based on how much worked have done, We use excel and the task has become hard manage and match all the data. We need help with creating to database based App to reduced work load. It is very simple nothing complex.

I have attached a sample excel which we create, The employees is given a Issue ticket which has ticket number, Model number, quantity, Employees name. At the end of the week we collect the ticket and enter them in excel. Sometime we have more then 200 tickets which is very consuming process to enter in excel and veirfy and cross again mistakes or over payment. Then we also have to deduct the adv money given to the them.

We don;t want any complex System this works well, Just need help Streamlining it.

Form 1 Employee Adv; Which will all us to enter adv amount which is to be deducted from there payment

Form 2 Department: which will allow us to enter and new department, if we need to any new department. It maybe help to add sort code which will display department in order we want on the reports

Form 3 Model Rates: This all to Add New, Edit Model rates, A search by model number will be helpful. ( there are over 500 models ) Not all model have all department, 1 model might have singer, Overlock only other might have Singer, overlock, Flatlock, Press and so on. Also i am not sure but when new department is added how will have effect table.

Form 4 Ticket entry: This form will allow us to enter all Issue ticket data;:::::: Date, ( which be today's date but can be changed if wanted) Select employee, Maybe a sub form from here for fast entry, All ticket are entered at the same time for same employee, So one person tickets are entered and then the next and next. Ticket Number, Select model number from drop down; enter quantity which you select model the rate is already pulled from the rates table and which ever department they are assigned.

Report 1: Detail of all employee along with there ticket number name department item referee quantity rate amount and total and deduct adv and final total.

Report 2: Detail summary of model and departments, See attachment.

Report 3: Summary of all employee with there totals, adv amount, and in hand pay. See attachment.

All of the table and sample excel sheet is attached.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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