BRIEFING FOR 1) GRAPHICAL DESIGN, 2) WEBSITE DESIGN and 3) Search Engine Optimisation

1. Profile of company/contractors for: Graphic Design, Website design and Search Engine Optimisation

a. Expertise with work for companies requiring European look & feel in both design, lay-out and images

b. Understanding typography and principles of design

c. Graphical & Web-design: Using PC software such as Corel Draw (preference) or Adobe In design and or website development software

d. Master English + able to incorporate texts (Copy paste) in other languages

e. Communicate clearly and precise

f. Handover not only final materials (PDF/HTML etc) but also the programming code, source files or vectorial graphics / CDR or In-design files

g. Specify all sources of images, pictures etc

h. Work based on a fixed flat fee per predefined task

2. Description of our company – in order to improve the understanding about what we do

a. Coffee & Co Vending Service is a company in Belgium (Europe) that offers coffee & hot beverage vending machines, lemonade in cans or bottles in vending machines and candy bars / Sandwiches etc in vending machines installed in companies and schools

b. We apply 2 types of service:

1. Premium Service

2. Full Service

PREMIUM SERVICE: Coffee & Co Vending Service operates small coffee machines that prepare fresh specialty coffees such as espresso, cappuccino etc in companies. Each machine has a separate and unique EAN barcode. Coffee & Co Vending Service (further referred to as “CNCO”) delivers and sells the consumables etc on a subscription base or via a rental formula (for the machine) + the sales and delivery of the consumables + a technical maintenance contract

CNCO’s business model generates income through:

1. The one time sale off vending machines + the consecutive Sales off consumables (such as can, bottles, coffee, milk, cocoa powder, plastic/paper cups etc) + through a technical maintenance contract

2. A monthly subscription + a monthly fee to cover the above costs + the cost off the machine. This model is the most popular since the consumption – expressed in number of cups consumed per day – determines the price per cup. We apply “buy more – save more” pricing, we provide stock and delivery management and require a yearly check of consumption + a yearly payment of surplus consumption as well as a early warning system in order to advise the customers a lower rate per cup, a larger capacity vending machine etc

FULL SERVICE: CNCO operates larger capacity vending machines for hot beverages & Coffee, cans and bottles of soda and refrigerated drinks and candy bar vending machines.

The gross margins on these products are very low, CNCO therefore needs to be highly efficient at all times

Some customers are entitled to a commission based upon their consumption

Full service vending machines produce income by means of coins or banknotes entered in the vending machines directly or via our electronical chip-payment system. This income needs to be checked against the consumption of consumables by each of the machines separately in order to avoid machines installed at locations without enough sales or fraud by staff.

3. Requirements / graphical & Web design

We seek a party/contractor that can design:

1. A look and feel for:

a. E-Mail signatures (First priority)

We need a clear set of images: a cup of coffee, a piece of chocolate, a can of coca cola, a Belgian waffle and a sandwich, presented in an iconic but clear way. To make it larger, why not a part of it (see the images in the centre at the top of the page: [url removed, login to view] this should be done better and clearer. These images should also be the core of 1.b car signage and stickering and on the website, as well as on any other document, so this is very very very important to do this as clear, as large and as good as possible

This must be light in weight (small in KB, so it will result in small size e-mails), an animated GIF is our preferred option, optimised for different SCREENsizes

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

b. Vans/trucks and cars signage and stickering (Second priority)

i. We need a design for the 2 sides (left and right side)

1. The sides need to show the icons – the same as in the a-mail signature

2. The side needs to contain our LOGO + URL + TELEPHONE NUMBER

ii. We need a specific design for the back of the van

1. The back needs to contain our LOGO + URL + TELEPHONE NUMBER

2. The back also needs to contain a large promotion STAR containing the text “GRATIS plaatsing – installation – Proef – Essai”

iii. Bare in mind that we need REAL scale images at a resolution of AT LEAST 150 DPI!!!

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

c. 5 versions of A4 Invoice-stuffers (recto verso flyers to promote services and products when invoices are sent to customers) Always with a call to action in a star + our Logo, our Icons (see 1.a.), our URL, a e-mail address, Our Telephone and Fax number + a fax-back voucher

i. to cross sell services: an overview of the different types of products in VENDING MACHINES that we offer: Hot beverages and Coffee + cold refrigerated drinks + snacks + sandwiches + milk products + Oxfam products + Electronic payment systems

ii. to cross sell the PRODUCTS: soft drinks, Coffee & hot beverages, Candy, Sandwiches

iii. to cross sell Oxfam drinks, food and coffee

iv. with a member-gets member promotion to recruit new additional customers through existing customers and give the existing customer a present if they recruit new additional customers

v. to promote direct debit as a method of payment: receive a small gift if you start using direct debit

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

d. Downloadable Product flyers (Third priority)

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

e. A Website (Fourth priority)


f. Self-adhesive logo’s and labels

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

g. Menu of the day with appetizing advertising for sandwiches

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

h. Business cards, based on 1.a.

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

i. Price quotes and tenders

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

j. PowerPoint presentations

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

k. Letterhead, based on 1.a.

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

l. Interactive Order forms (using what technology ASP?/other?)

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

m. Contracts

We will provide more detailed examples and briefing

to be fine-tuned in a dialogue according your skills and expertise


a. Create a CLEAR and SIMPLE, yet nice visual look and feel

b. The entire look and feel needs to be:

1. Readable when labelled on driving cars, shown on websites (windows, Mac, Linux, large screens/small screens), printed

2. Appetizing: we sell food, it needs to look great, crispy and tasteful – as it is in reality

3. We sell many products: Show large iconic versions of products that are representative for their range of products

4. Promotional: everything we communicate needs to end with a clear promotional call to action, that goes for any document listed

5. Consistent and compatible in design, look and feel and colours

1. Our colours need to be white (background/vehicles), Orange (to stand out!!!) and black

2. All images should be in full colour

3. On websites we like to show some moving elements

4. When we promote we need to always: have a MAIN promo, followed by 2 or three sub promos and a call to action + logo, website url and telephone number (please get inspired by [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] or absolutely the BEST EXAMPLE: [url removed, login to view])

5. You need to design a promotional “star” that can be used consistently throughout our communication to stress elements or to make a call to action stand out  take a look at [url removed, login to view]: every page contains YELLOW STARS  Perfect! (we‘ll attach a similar star as a source of inspiration)

6. Every picture fro printed materials should have a small descriptive text underneath, similar to what newspapers do underneath pictures

7. Features and benefits should be connected to an image by using “laser beams”. As an example please look at the picture and texts: [url removed, login to view]

8. Each webpage needs to have at least 1 button to create interaction with us: please study very carefully the [url removed, login to view] website since it is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what we want to achieve, BUT in OUR COLOURS & OUR LOOK & FEEL, do NOT simply copy everything!!

9. For the website: You really, really, really, should study in detail a ‘must-read’ guidelines book that summarizes all design guidelines from “Very important” to “less important” after research conducted on the largest American websites. Please follow the link to [url removed, login to view]  read the research based guidelines (also downloadable as a PDF)

10. You need to communicate simple and clearly through your designs, almost by means of “icons” – “an image says more then a 1.000 words”

11. Belgium uses 3 languages: Dutch (most important), French and English. Therefore all PRINTED materials and flyers are recto verso. Recto in Dutch, Verso in French, always containing a reference to the other language in the other language in the top right corner. In the website: the homepage is the Dutch version and there is a link to the 2 other languages in the top right corner, see [url removed, login to view] top right corner “ NEDERLANDS, FRANCAIS, ENGLISH” We will provide you with the translations of all the materials.

12. We like to see pictures of people: people look at people, people buy from people, people do what other people do…

13. A great way to show / demonstrate a (large) range of products (coffees, sandwiches, beverages, snacks…) can be found on: [url removed, login to view] have a look at the iPod style browsing through songs or images


o With strong visuals

o Google / SEO – optimised texts and structures

o Response forms (independent from different hosting Technologies and web-browsers)

o With a corporate look and feel

o Product-overview:

-Vending machines with:

-Coffee and hot beverages (USP: from 4 to 26 different kinds of coffee and beverages, including decaffeinated, Cappuccino, Espresso, Fair-trade coffee, hot chocolate, soups, tea, in carton cups, plastic cups or china cups, with or without coin payment system or electronic chip payment system)

-Sandwich vending machines (USP: different kinds) --> must look appealing and tasteful

-Milk, Yoghurt and fresh fruit

-Oxfam Fair-trade coffee and cold drinks and snacks

-Soda, cola, juices, water in bottles or cans / empty bottle recycle machines (USP: not just products from Coca Cola Corp but also Ice Tea, Looza, Red Bull, Cécémel, Spa, etc with or without coin payment system or electronic chip payment system)

-electronic chip payment system

-Point of use Drinkwater-dispensers

-Pub/Restaurant or Hotel coffee machines (fully automatic) + coffee + accessories such as cup pre-heaters, cookies, milk, waffles, soup etc

-Coffee and espresso machines for shops, small companies, showrooms, etc: small & compact, including maintenance and descaling, with stand alone build-in water tank or connected to tap water, at least four different tastes (Espresso, Cappuccino, Coffee black, café au lait)

-High capacity and high speed coffee machines for hospitals, canteens, etc

o This website needs to compete and be better then / and be inspired by / You NEED to study all the details, structure and design (as well as links build to) elements:

1. [url removed, login to view]

2. [url removed, login to view] =visually attractive

3. [url removed, login to view] =The BEST possible website / an inspiration for the POU watercoolers

4. [url removed, login to view] =THE PERFECT LAYOUT:

5. A main promotional box with underneath that 3 subpromos (see also: [url removed, login to view]  perfect, also look at [url removed, login to view] )

6. Underneath these boxes: texts and other images

7. [url removed, login to view] = our CURRENT WEBSITE  designed in two days, only interesting because off very good SEO / Google optimisation, the rest is simply not good.

8. [url removed, login to view] =interesting as a inspiration of HOW TO SHOW sandwiches

9. [url removed, login to view] =MAGNIFICENT in the way they present meals

10. [url removed, login to view] =SIMPLE and GOOD

11. [url removed, login to view] =not bad; offers the same products and services we do; offers too little interaction; our website MUST be better then this

12. [url removed, login to view] =ugly!! + bad homepage + poor layout + little structure; offers the same products and services we do; offers too little interaction; our website MUST be better then this

13. [url removed, login to view] =offers the same products and services we do = offers too little interaction; our website MUST be better then this

14. [url removed, login to view]

15. [url removed, login to view]

16. [url removed, login to view]

17. [url removed, login to view]

18. [url removed, login to view]

19. [url removed, login to view]

20. [url removed, login to view]

21. [url removed, login to view]

22. [url removed, login to view]

23. [url removed, login to view]

o Navigation

-Optimised design for screen resolution of 1024*768 or higher

-On every page we stress the importance for a visitor to interact with us or for new customers to be able to ask for a price quote or for existing customers to place an order for new or additional machines + we need a specific transaction page for existing customers that want to order technical service or additional consumables

-We have two main dimensions:

a) the products (see description before)

b) the type of visitor based upon their specific profile (and therefore specific needs):

-Schools and education

-Government and Healthcare + institutions

-Self-employed; shops and small companies, 1-5 employees / visitors per day

-Middle sized companies (6-75 employees / visitors per day)

-Large companies (> 75 employees per site)

-Large corporations (> 1000 employees per site)


-Commission system: schools can get a commission and investment contributions for their school

-Public price tenders

-Coffee: kinds of coffee + tastes + explanation on bean coffee and on freeze-dried coffee

-Services : maintenance contracts + full service + premium service

-Machines– range of coffee machines + downloadable pdf per machine


-Oxfam Fair-trade

-Public price tenders

-Sandwiches and light meals

-Range of sandwiches

-Services : FULL SERVICE + maintenance contracts

-Machines– range of vending machines+ electronic chip payment system + downloadable pdf per machine

-Public price tenders

-Tasty snacks, crisps, waffles & candy bars


-Services : FULL SERVICE + maintenance contracts

-Machines– range of vending machines+ electronic chip payment system + downloadable pdf per machine

-Public price tenders

-Soda and chilled juices and beverages

-Range – large and free choice

-Bottles + cans + empty bottle collection machine

-Services : FULL SERVICE + maintenance contracts

-Machines– range of vending machines+ electronic chip payment system + downloadable pdf per machine

-Public price tenders

-Oxfam Bio & Fair-trade

-Range – large and free choice

-Bottles + cans + empty bottle collection machine

-Services : FULL SERVICE + maintenance contracts

-Machines– range of vending machines+ electronic chip payment system + downloadable pdf per machine

-Public price tenders

-Contact & About us

-Our main advantages


-Corporate presentation

-Vision & mission statement & values

-Hygiene & food safety

-Environmental protection

-Vacant jobs

-A brilliant homepage in Dutch (text provided by us), with:

-Language choice

-Moving image of different services

-A contact section

-Vacant positions

-Our range of vending machines

-Our range of products and consumables

-A promotion that changes regularly / automatically. You need to prepare 12 different promotions after our briefings

-General terms and conditions

-A Sitemap



-What content management system will you use?

e.g.: [url removed, login to view]


-We need to get from you all the source code and complete content + the final HTML

-We need to be able to maintain the contents of the website afterwards

-You need to provide us with

-All the source code

-All access codes

-A Manual on how to change

-The layout

-The images

-The texts

-The downloadable Pdf-s

-The web shop

-The interactive forms (using what technology ASP?/other?)


-Territory: limit your focus for search engine ranking to Belgium (Dutch, French and English) [url removed, login to view]

-Link building: We need you to create on 300 different domain names – live for at least 1 year a link to different pages within [url removed, login to view], please provide us with a list of all 250 url-s

-100 links on websites made in English on domains: .com and .be

-100 links on websites made in Dutch on domains: .BE (75x)+ the remainders on: .NL, .com, .org (if possible, if not: we require an alternative)

-100 links on websites made in French on domains: .BE (50x)+ the remainders on: .LU, .FR, .CH, .CA (if possible, if not: we require an alternative)

-These links should preferably contain our URL as well as specific keywords in the respective languages, we will provide you with these keywords

-We require a detailed list of these links

-IN ADDITION: Please study all the links to the 23 sites mentioned above + as well as all the links to [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] You need to create links on all the pages that have links to the 23 + 2 just mentioned sites with additional keywords that we will provide you with.

-A proper [url removed, login to view] file

-A news section or a blog

-Smart page names, different for each page

-Off Page Cure (OPR)

-A design flow favouring web spiders and crawlers

-We need you to do planned changes on pages every three weeks after the website is ready: please plan this upfront, during 12 months, in order to influence Google’s WebCrawler

-What plan in addition to this do you have in order to guarantee a very high page rank?

-Please mail us the Google ranking during 6 months, once per month for the keywords in Dutch (the most important), French and English that we will provide to you.


o All quoted prices need to be detailed including remote training of 1 day, including all our specifications, including testing and uploading, including AT LEAST:

1. An implementation planning

2. A detailed analysis of best practices and layouts and elements and structures and techniques of the list of sample websites

3. A detailed sitemap

4. A choice of visual styles

5. Many corrections and feedback from and with us

6. Testing of links

7. Changes

8. Our design guidelines implemented

9. SEO implementation + link building list + monthly report during 6 months for the keywords in three languages

10. Planned and structured for maintenance by us afterwards

o The website needs to have a 30 day user acceptance phase before payments are made. Any adjustment required to fix bugs/shortcomings prolongs automatically this period

o Payments will only be made after full operational delivery of all aspects of the website

o The website needs to be covered by a full-warranty service contract guaranteeing that technical/design shortcomings/bugs will be solved by the contractor, this without additional costs during 2 years after delivery of the website

o The source code of the developments needs to be delivered to CNCO as part of the delivery.

o The software for the development needs to be either Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft Expression Studio, Microsoft SharePoint designer or Adobe Dreamweaver (specify version please) or Adobe Web Premium

o The contractor guarantees explicitly that he will not use elements / intellectual property / pictures that are protected by any national / local / international property law or limitation Any cost or claim as a result of using illegal properties will be explicitly covered by the contractor, including legal defence costs and costs to remove or undo any illegal or 3rd party owned data, materials, designs, images, pictures, code and any other intellectual property of any kind and in de broadest possible way.

o Any part of the website, statistic, graphics, design, code, data, logo, url etcetera remains at all times the sole property off CNCO, prior to the work of the contractor as well as the materials developed by the contractor, this without any constraint or limitation.

Compétences : Publicité, Conception graphique , Création de Liens, SEO, Design de site internet

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