Excel VBA Project

Also, please confirm if you have the skill to handle the application



> time you expect it will take to finish tasks 2-4. The developer who

has to

> pass the job due to a family emergency will be available for

questions by

> email, so please email a list of whatever you need to know to get





> Below are:


> 1) Notes from the developer having to pass along the job

> 2) The original description of the tasks to be done



> ***************************************************


> From the developer:


> > Here is what is in the file:

> > Step 1 (Issues) - removed Approach and Maturity columns, added


> > column, updated colors and fonts to match new pages

> > Step 2 (Stakeholder Issues) - created the worksheet, updated the

Jump To

> > menu and Main form to go to this worksheet as step 2

> > Step 3 (Modes and Sectors) - created the worksheet, updated the

Jump To

> > menu and Main form to go this worksheet as step 3, updated Step 4's


> > button, enabled sorting if you click on the underlined headers

> > Position Map - I tried putting a listbox in each box to allow for

> > scrolling. This worked for display, except if you had the Main


> > displayed first, it would somehow overlow the listboxes unless you

> > clicked on Refresh. I haven't been able to track down what this


> > bug is and how to workaround it, so I returned it to the way it


> >

> > I think I included one or two help popups. I'll doublecheck


> > and see if I can send some more.

> >

> > What needs to be done:

> > The Prepare_to_publish and Import procedures need to be updated to

> > populate the new worksheets. The modRecordMaintenance needs to


> > the new worksheets. The new worksheets need to update the


> > worksheet. This is all of that data integrity stuff that wouldn't


> > necessary if this was a real database. The Goa/Issue headers on


> > Sectors and Modes sheet need to be VLookups instead of hardcoded.

> >


> Additional notes from the developer:


> The code modules are fairly well laid out, so I think a strong


> could take over and complete the remaining work. The named ranges


> also very logical and easy to get a grip on. The steps are just


> involved. For example, from the Modes&Sectors page, you need to

> 1)update any existing stakeholder records (Stakeholder worksheet)


> 2)insert new stakeholder record rows (stakeholder worksheet) if new


> were added then 3) update the list of stakeholders on the

> StakeholderIssues page. You also need to do error checking like

> removing empty rows (users might leave those in between data rows),


> generating an error if the stakeholder name is not entered, but a


> is assigned. For even more data security, I'd recommend doing things

> like limiting the scrollable area so users can't be adding stuff at

> random spots on the worksheets. So it's fairly detailed stuff you


> to do for the updates.


> I did some work, but the next developer will probably need to

> go back and redo some of that since I started on the update logic,


> didn't complete it. The logic is complex enough it'd be better if

> he/she had a fresh start on that.



> ************************************************


> Tasks from client as well as a clarification of Task 4b:


> Task 2: Change Issue's Column Label to Coke Prioritization Levels

> - Update column label and test


> Task 3: Enhance Position Map

> - Modify font so that names are easier to read, possibly larger font


> alternating colors?

> - Add scroll bar for large lists

> - Test printing and different screen resolutions for best fit


> Task 4:

> Overall these are more complex layouts.


> 4a: Combine steps 2 & 3

> - Create new form

> - Add code to auto-populate cells from keystrokes and correctly move



> next step

> - Send mock-up to client for review, make any requested

modifications, and

> test


> Task 4b: Update step 4

> I'm not sure I understand this task. It says "We want to move a

couple of

> buttons off the current Step 4 and create a new UI for them." Which


> are we moving off of step 4? The mock-up seems related to the



> tab. Is the idea to get all of the fields in the General Info tab to


> different screen? If that is the case, then would the user see it



> after the current step 4?


> To clarify:


> A) Today, on Step 4: Database, in addition to free form text fields


> info, there are 3 other fields to assign values to this stakeholder


> 1) Sectors, 2) Modes of Engagement, 3) Highest Priority.



> B) Task 4B, also designated by the General Info tab in the Conceptual

> Mock-ups excel file sent to you, is to create separate UI for the

user to

> designate this particular information. We figure it will look alot



> UI you create for Steps 2&3, just to give the user a consistant UI to


> with).


> The reason we are making this a separte UI v.s. just having you add

it to

> Steps 2&3 UI is bcs my product mgr tells me theswe topics need to be


> on separately for some reason.


> The user would see this 2nd UI after the 1st UI you are creating -



> 2&3

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