Outlook 2007 search filter or macro

There are 2-3 users processing help desk emails and we get only about 3 help emails per day, ie 100 per month.

We need an Outlook search filter or macro to search for messages and return them grouped by subject.

The following describes a process to achieve the final result, ie to display message set "B" or "C" described below. The following process is for illustrative purposes only so any logic can be developed provided the desired outcome is achieved. Add in line comments to your logic in case we (or you) need to change it in 6 months later.

The folder to search is"helpdesk - inbox". The messages to search for are all those in the last 3 full months where the status is not ticked as complete complete. i.e. if today is 3rd June, start from not 3rd Apr, but 1st Apr. We will call this message set "A".

Then we need to find all messages in the "helpdesk - inbox" folder **, limited by the same 3 month date range, regardless of status (i.e. completed or not), where the subject is the same as a subject in set "A". i.e. we want the entire last 3 months of conversations (same subjects) where any message in the conversation is not complete. We will call this larger message set "B".

We have added to our help inbox, a user-defined editable field called "Group" We set this to a team or person when they are allocated the task of answering a helpdesk email.

If "Group" in the search crireria is blank, display message set "B", grouped by subject, expanded, sorted by descending received date.

If "Group" in the search crireria is NOT blank, then search message set "B" and retain only the conversations (all messages with the same subject) where either

a) the "Group" field in any message in the conversation contains (not equals) the Group search term, OR

b) the "Group" field in all messages in the conversation is blank (i.e. not yet allocated to a team or person)".

We will call this message set "C". Display message set "C", grouped by subject, expanded, sorted by descending received date.

If it is easier to retrieve all documents in the date range and then simply expand or collapse folders based on them meeting the display criteria above, this is acceptable.

Refer the attached document for a result set searching for "dave" with only conversations meeting the criteria, and a second result set with all converstaions in the time period where those meeting the display criteria and expanded and others collapsed.

** if not much more effort we would like Message Set "B" to include, not only the "Helpdesk - inbox", but also the current user's "inbox" and "outbox". Budget is tight so please advise in your quote if this is included or not.


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