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I am looking for an all round IT professional who is wants to get involved at the early stages of a significant venture. To Summarise the concept: I am in the early stages of developing a business plan for an architects office. In essence the proposal is to combine the best office managment software & groupware (remote communication) systems to enable project teams to collaborate whilst working from home. There will also be an interface to compile teams consisting of architects and other consultants involved with construction. The teams will work under an umbrella company who will provide PI insurance, marketing QA systems development & training etc. Project Teams will be selected from a global database of (potentialy thousands) of freelance consultants who will come together to work on specific projects. Teams will comprise Project Originators, Team Leaders (in project country), Architects, Tecnicians etc. The umbrella company would take a fixed profit from fees received. Each member would submit his qualifications, only architects with several years experience could become Team Leaders. In addition there would be a network of country and regional managers who would work with the teams to ensure the highest levels of Design and Managment are maintained. In order to develop my business plan and develop a model I need to start a dialogue with IT proffesionals. In essence this is no different than any architects practice which employs contract (self employed) staff. The only difference is that there would potentialy be one or two architect directors and many thousands of contract staff. Some staff may only work a few weeks a year doing a small project, others could work full time as part of larger teams. The umbrella company would take a fixed commision from fees, Team Leaders, regional and Country managers would also be paid fixed managment commisions. The team members would then be paid the balance of the fee apportioned out based on the time worked on the project. In addition Members could offer there service to the team at a discount or premium based on their experience. For example students could work at 50% as could members from overseas. Highly experiencced specialists could offer their service at a premium. The business plan is intended to assist, women with families who want to work from home, it is also 'green' as staff do not need to travel to work. The scheme would also allow architects to undertake projects outside their regular jobs for friends and family, currently this is not possible due to the economics of buying PI insurance for small private jobs. Members will have access to a worldwide chain of meeting and conference facilities. Teams will also be encouraged to form into local groups to submit team bids for projects. An home interface needs to be developed which combines many of the features found in common groupware programmes - groove office / Document Managment / Project Managment /Job Costing - see ArchiOffice/ and a database of members. Each user would have a personalised front page. The concept needs to be rigourously developed into a seemless interface which will appeal to the critical demands of the designer. I look forward to receiving details from anyone who is interested, at first on a speculative advisory role. Thanks

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