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Edit video in Camtasia Studio for audio, video, callouts and Zoom-n-Pan

I am producing screencasts of Sencha Architect 3 software starting with Sencha Touch 2.3

This software is to develop Apps for mobile devices (Sencha Touch) and desktops (Ext JS).

I am a newbie at Sencha Architect and the videos are designed for newbies. They need to be simple, quick and comprehensive.

The screencasts require a lot of editing. It has taken me about 1 hour per minute, but I am a newbie to Camtasia and I am frequently waiting for my computer.

MP4: Frame Rate = 30, Keyframe rate = 5, Pause at start = Enabled, Bitrate Mode = Quality Mode, H264 Profile = Baseline, H264 Level = 3, Video Quality = 100%, Audio Bitrate = 56kps, Audio Format = AAC, Watermark = disabled, HTML = enabled.


Split the Audio & Video

Cut out (delete) all the pauses (breaths, clicks and other distractions) to decrease the time and increase the speed to make it fast pace but intelligible.

I find it best to delete and drag left what I can see (width of my screen), then Ctrl-A, then stitch, then move to the right, as this moves faster than lots of unstitched cuts. Set Tools-options-Autosave to 1 minute so you don’t lose too much work if the program crashes, use frequent Ctrl-S. For me if I delete and don’t wait for the music note to appear before trying to move the audio the program crashes and I lose everything since my last save and have to hit recover on restart.

Freeze (lock) the Audio and then edit the video. This is mainly cutting (deleting), but also extensions where the screen shot needs to be extended to match the audio, this is the extension (copy) of the same frame (e.g. what was typed in the box, concurrently with the audio saying to type '... ' in the box).

Add Callouts (arrows and other notes, with color) on the screen, Fade-in and Fade-out = 0 (do this for the first Callout and it should be 0 for the rest). Basically for every point that can be made. Zoom-n-Pan should be set to 100% most of the time, only smaller where necessary (e.g. moving object from far left to far right (have FROM arrow and TO arrow)). Sometimes the audio and video need to be extended so the arrow is visible long enough (maybe 0.25 seconds), when the Audio is extended that section may need the Audio set to Silence . In the attached example some of my callouts are too short, if the time for the callout is too short then the callout does not appear in the video (or is too difficult to pause and read the text).

Produce to mp4.

Review the mp4, sometime Camtasia does something unwanted (like not produce arrows as the callout time was too short), and fix errors in Camtasia.

The attached files show an example of the original and final for a 9.5 minute screencast reduced to 7 minutes.

This quality has to better than the attached example (e.g callouts at least 0.25 seconds).

All material (raw, in development, finalized) belongs to Classbasics Pty Ltd.

Your bid will be for 009_fieldSet (4:26, Produce a Field Set with two fields and a submit button to change the parent Html) to produce the final file ([url removed, login to view]). If you bid $20, I expect you will work for about $4.51 per minute ($20/(4+26/60)) of unedited video for future work.

Currently there are over 30 minutes of video to be edited and I hope to produce a couple of hours of video to be edited before Christmas. If you are unwilling to accept the further work do not bid on this job. The quality and speed that you produce this work will be expected to be the same or better for future work (you should become better and quicker with experience). I will be employing more than one person to do this job and shall offer the additional work to the best person/people.

As part of your bid you must say what the text was for ‘Point Arrow 162’ of [url removed, login to view], your bid ($) per 4.42 minutes of raw video, and the average time (hours) you will take to do 4.43 minutes of raw video, to ensure you considered this project fully.

Due to the 20MB limit I could not upload the files I wanted, even though it looked like I had.
I have now uploaded the 007_container9.mp4 (at 15 fps) which I am almost happy with the quality (when at 30fps).
I have also uploaded an early shorter clip 003_container3.camrec, its unedited project (003_container3_new.comproj) and its edited project (003_container3.camproj). Look at these and bid with what the text is on "Pointy Arrow 5".
The file you will be working on is too big to upload, so I have just uploaded the unedited mp4 (at 15fps), 009_fieldSet.mp4.
This should give you an idea of what is expected.

The .camproj files did not upload properly. I have put them in a .zip

Compétences : After Effects, Révision, Services Vidéo

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