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This is list of the upgrades I want to do. I may not be able to pay of the whole [url removed, login to view] a price breakdown would be [url removed, login to view] file is an urgent priority because I have a coder that cant finish paypal integration.

·Admin control panel put into a secure (hidden) folder.

· Uncode files (they are built in zend optimizer)I didn’t encode them.

· The format and text of the site is currently very boring. I want to improve the format and text of the site.

· I would like to create a custom logo and flash banner that’s professional and stands out to my members. No cookie cutter logo or flash banner. I have seen the logo in other places so I was wondering if you could make a custom better-looking logo for me.

· I would like to use any S.E.O. tips to get a high ranking for these three words.

"dating services"

"dating site"

"online dating"

When can I notice a difference in ranking for these keywords? How high can I rank?

· I want to setup a section of dating articles, funny sexual jokes. I want to give another authors and members the opportunity to write article and add them to the site. I also want to setup links to allow people to email, and download

I have found a site that will give you an idea of what format to use.

[url removed, login to view] I want to use the two column format with a pic on top. One column is articles the other column is jokes. Reference [url removed, login to view] for the jokes and [url removed, login to view] for the articles.

I am going to give you a few links to sites that have free content. This will give you content to fill the section with.


[url removed, login to view];title=Dating

I want the actual format of the article to look like the articles in

[url removed, login to view],4621,320200,[url removed, login to view]

I want to make sure to embed my logo (company name) or signature in every article that is mailed out. If you plan to charge me a lot for each page. Then just make one template page for jokes and articles. With these requirements listed.

Automated language packs for each region. There a language packs already installed and members can choose a flag for a language. But I want it where a member that clicks on site in China, Chinese writing automatically pulls up (if this is possible). The list of countries needs to be modified to include Western Countries currently there are only 3 or 4 countries listed. I want all the major languages. I all want to list all countries and cities listed. This is an international site. I want members from all over to be able to find their cities.

· Change Last connection: 01-13-2005 to “last login”

· Delete the trial banners. I think they look tacky and the way the new system is setup I don’t think I will need them.

· Search Results:

Delete this in the basic search. (but keep them in the profile)

Email | IMessage | Send a kiss | Add to hotlist | Add to blacklist | Send to a friend

Instead of listing the features, place the writing from the personal description here. and place more link that takes them to the profile.


I would say about me that I am an artist; I... More Link

· List these in the profile of guest member

I want to delete the listing of these features (below) because it within the profile. Also, these features in the profiles are listed for only gold members. I want to list these for guest browers. But, when a guest browser clicks on these links to will take them to the signup page.

· Personal Info (within profile)

In this section you will notice a slot for a nickname. At the bottom of the section is the personal headline. I want to put the personal headline in place of the nickname on the searches. I want to place a link here that takes them to the profile.

· I also want some background sound. Here is an example of some background sound I want on the home page. I really like this sound file.I don’t want to annoy my members. So I am not sure if I should use this on every page or just the home page. Also give them an option to mute the sound.

[url removed, login to view];action=detail&product_id=154&ord_query=1

· I want the photos to open with the format of the profile (see yahoo personals to see how this is done,just click on a profile photo to see how to opens within the page).When you click on the photo it doesn’t open in a separate window. I figure you can make another tab in the box of profile and have the photos open in their. (have the enlarged photos open in the box where these tabs are General Description Self-Portrait | Desired Partner Criteria | Multimedia Album | Rating)

I want to mention you request about pulling up the photos in a different page. You have thumbnail pull up within the box but I want to put the big photo where the thumbnail is. That way it doesn’t open in a separate window.

· I want to place a navigation tab on the side. Instead of on top (reference [url removed, login to view] for the style of side navigation I want to use.) The chat, im, horoscope,joke, etc here. That means I wont need that stuff on the top so you may put something up there. Also, please erase the news link as I wont use it.

In regards to the horoscope, here is a script that automatically updates it each month. Check it out.

<!-- D@Zzle-It - A simple and cost-effective way to manage and distribute your web site content -->

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="[url removed, login to view];></SCRIPT>

· Change back of chat room color from blue to white and add logo if you can.

· On the Affiliates program page please change to $14.95 instead of the percentage and add my site as copyright instead of your site here. The page is up but still not right. It list %50 on next member.

· Fix the format to this at the bottom of the page. The affiliate link doesn’t line up right. Affilate link is right under the loveblog. I looks fine on home page but it is off on the other pages.

| Loveblog | Affiliate

· Change the index link to home.

Change the link on the sitemap from index to home. If you place it on the navigation menu make sure it is listed as home.

· There is an extra c at the bottom on some of the pages “Copyright Singleslovedates.com. All rights reserved.”(I think you fixed this but not sure)

· Delete the email and stuff on profile search. I want them to show just in the profile.

· I have an option within my admin panel to send email to each member separately. I want option to send a bulletin to all members.

· When a member emails email them within the website. Notify them on their email address too (yahoo,hotmail,etc).

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