Simple PHP Proxy Script With Specific Criteria

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I am a senior PHP web developer but I am busy with other projects so I am looking for another PHP dev to program a script... I need a basic PHP proxy script that has a few specific requirements for my exact purpose. The PHP proxy script will be used to "mimic" another website domain, while being hosted on my own server/domain with a close misspelling of the other website's domain. The script should be able to be placed as the [url removed, login to view] file of any domain that I put it on and it should have a simple setting for me to specify which domain/website the script will imitate so that all requests to my domain will proxy from the original domain that I specified in the settings.

For example, lets say that I want to imitate the website: [url removed, login to view]

The I would buy the domain [url removed, login to view] and put the PHP proxy script as the [url removed, login to view] and the only file that will be uploaded to my server(other than .htaccess to redirect requests to my [url removed, login to view]). Then what would happen when a visitor goes to my website [url removed, login to view], the proxy script will simply pull the same requested URL from [url removed, login to view] so that a visitor has no idea that the original website is from [url removed, login to view] because all HTTP/HTTPS requests should go through my domain which hosts the PHP proxy.


- the script must first replace all occurrences of [url removed, login to view] with my domain [url removed, login to view] before outputting any HTML to the browser. This is so that all outputted HTML will only point images/scripts/links to my domain so that the requests will all go through the PHP proxy that you build.

- the script must read the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] on every request so that it can request that exact URI from the original website. So when a person visits [url removed, login to view], the php script will output the page from [url removed, login to view]

- The PHP script MUST save a cached copy of every page/image/file that is requested so that if the same page/image/file is requested again then the PHP script will just output the saved resource.

- The cache copy of the original website resources should keep the same structure on my webserver when being saved, BUT must reside in a folder titled "cache" which resides on the public_html main level. For example, if a visitor visits my website [url removed, login to view], then the proxy script would save that page in a 'cache' folder at the base website level such as: public_html/cache/[url removed, login to view] - Same thing for all images/scripts/files... If a proxied page is requesting this image file "/images/[url removed, login to view]" then the proxy script would check to see first if that image was saved already or it would then save it to: public_html/cache/images/[url removed, login to view]" so that it could load that image the next time it was requested.

- The PHP script should be able to work with any type of website that it is imitating.


This is an example of what the proxy script should look like in my server folder structure:

/public_html/ - base webserver public director

cache/ - folder where all previously requests resources are saved. resources should be saved exactly as they are received from the original server(no compression/encoding)

.htaccess - used to re-route ALL incoming requests to our proxy script

[url removed, login to view] - proxy script that received ALL incoming requests, via .htaccess. including all HTML/PHP/ASP files, all files such as images/css/js/etc

I am looking to get this done ASAP and for a reasonable price because I know that most of this script is very basic proxying with the listed minor changes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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