Eternal Souls

Game Type: Browser Based MMORPG

Target Audience: All Ages

Game Concept: Eternal Souls takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, deriving elements from science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Every few levels the players are able to go to a differnt "realm". Training thier stats takes on a concept differnt from many other mmorpgs. Instead of going to a general place to train thier stats they must go see specific people. For instance to train Speed they would have to go see a Thief. For Strength they would have to see a Barbian or a fighter of some sort (the actual names of the stat trainers are still being designed)

Weapons and armor also take on a new concept based on alot of console RPGs in the fact they will have "Durrability". If a person buys an energy weapon than the person has x amount of shots before the weapon has to be recharged. If they buy a sword then they have like 100 durability and every attack removes some of the durability.

There will also be a skill tree of sorts where after every 30 or 40 levels the players will get a skill point to be used in one of the following skills. Dual Weapon Weilding, Shadow Walking, and Shield Work. Every point a player puts into the skills it will add a small percentage to thier 3 main stats. For instance if someone put in one point for Shadow Walking, than thier speed may increase 2%.

Leveling up can be done 4 differnt ways. Players can attack another player or steal from them. They can also do quests for the Bounty Hunters Guild. (those quests would be like the crimes on Prison struggle). The final way players can level up is to fight a random monster. The monsters level would be random but would have some restrictions. For instance a level 1 player would not fight a level 60 Death Knight.

The Trading system is more secure than normal to prevent people from scamming other players. Someone proposes a trade with the requirements and sends it to a person, that person sees it in there Event tab and chooses to agree/disagree or alter and send back.

There will be various things in every city. Weapon Smith, Armor, Market, so on and so forth.


Page Specifics:

Registration Page - [url removed, login to view] As you can see bt the horriable sketch We would like to see a Demon or a DragonKin (dragon that is roughly the size and shape of a human with wings, often mistaken for a devil) Holding up one side of the Scroll. On the Other side of the scroll i would like a woman who is dressed in what could be taken as something you would wear in Midevil times. Her Left hand would be holding up the scroll as her right hand grips her sword. The fields themselves in the regstration page would be "Name, Password, Retype Password, E-mail address, Security questions with a drop down list of 5 questions, a place to enter your answer. It would also have a submit and a back button on the bottom. The Eternal Souls Header would be at the top as well.

Login Page - Would have the exact same graphical layout as the register page. only real difference would be the Information fields.

Main Page - a customizeable list of links would be up top. Players would be able to choose what they wanted in that sections as there will be many many more options. The area that the links are held would grow or shrink as needed but it would still stay at least 1 link down and 3 links accross. To the left and below the status (your healthbar and such) would be the Hall of Fame so to speak. Rather than 3 it shows the top 6 players in 2 catagories. Best Level, and Best Player. They will be represented by some kind of an Icon that stands out. Such as a sword in a store.

Chat Room: There will be a chatroom also with this project. I would like the chatroom secure but that can be discussed later

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