Linux Server Admin Needed

We are a company based in india and we are looking for an INDIVIDUAL Freelancer to occupy the position of a Server Adiministrator as a full time job

We are looking for responsible admin who can handle our servers with top care as our business do not allow any bugs, security breaches, downtimes...

The candidate for this job should verify the following conditions :

- Indian resident

- +3 years experience as Linux server admin

- Available and able to receive phone calls and sms 24x7

- Have laptop with 24x7 internet connection

- Good in english with good communication skills

- Effective and able to fix and repair work swiftly

The candidate will be interviewed by an experienced jury (so don't waste your time and our if you not a top level administrator).

The selected candidate will be signing an employement contract with our company.

Salary is $1500 per month


Knowlegde and experience required


Kernel Experience


- 32 bit and 64bit Kernel Architecture, its differences and application compatibility.

- Kernel Layout and Configuration

- Modules, Module Loading, Symbols

- Synchronization Methods, Spinlocks, Semaphores

- Kernel Loading, Initialization, SMP

- Timing Measurements

- Dynamic Kernel Timers

- Task Queues and Task Queue Implementation

- Tasklets

- Processes, Threads, Context Switching

- Process Scheduling, System Calls, SMP

- Interrupts and Exceptions, Handlers, Vectors

- System Calls

- Signals and Signal Handlers

- Device Drivers

- Character Drivers

- Memory Addressing, Paging, Swap

- Strong understanding of stable Kernel versions, patches like LIDS, RSBAC, LOMAC, auditd, Fork Bomb Defuser, Openwall, SELinux etc

- Developing and implementing hardware depended Monolithic Kernel for maximum security.

- Configuring Linux Kernel to reduce its size, and create loadable module with necessary driver support on initrd or initrdfs

- Extensive experience in configuring device drivers

- Knowledge in Kernel level Performance Tuning.

- Strong in Kernel upgrades and target based compilation.

- Awareness of latest Kernel hacks and their fixes and changelogs

- Kernel Level Debuggers KDB,KGDB and crash dump tools like mcore, LKCD, NetDump, DiskDump etc

Admin Experience


- Strong Knowledge in installing and managing  FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Suse, Redhat, Ubundu, Fedora, CentOS, Slackware etc.

- Domain Name Server (Bind with GEODns Patching) Configuration and Administration

- Knowledge in Data Encryption, Cryptography and Authentication techniques eg GnuPG Keys

- Strong knowledge in installing, maintaining and rebuilding Webservers Apache, lighttpd, zope and HTTP Caching Proxy Administration

- Java Application servers like Tomcat, Jboss, Websphere and Weblogic.

- Mail Server Management with qmail, Sendmail, Exim, Scalix, Postfix etc

- Spammer lockdown using spamassassin, assp etc.

- Setting and managing Mail Antivirus agent like kaspersky, Mailscanner etc

- Strong Networking Knowledge - TCP/IP, NFS, Telnet, FTP, DNS, DHCP, NAT, ifconfig, route, netstat, xinetd, HTTP, NIS/YP, Squid

- Admin Tools like admintool, smit, linuxconf, vmstat, iostat, top, traceroute, ping, sar, ntop, webmin

- Managing multilevel Backups including remote backup with NAS or using custom scripts.

- Security - SSH, SSL, IPchains, IPtables, BFD, APF, TCP Wrappers, Tripwire, port scanners, password crackers

- Setting inter operability with samba,

- Strong knowledge in SNMP and Monitoring system resources wih MRTG etc.

- Ensure High availablily using RAID, DRBD, DNS failover etc

- Installing and Managing Database management systems - Mysql, Postgres.

- Strong knowlegdge in different sort of attacks like Worm Attacks, Trojan Horse Programs, Cracking Attacks, Spoofing, Denial of Service Attacks

- Program Code Exploits, Misconfigured Services, Known Vulnerabilities, WWW and CGI-BIN attacks etc

- Setting Up programming languages like php, perl-cgi, asp, jsp etc

- Installing streaming with ffmpeg, ffmpeg-PHP, Mplayer, Mencoder, flv2tool, LAME MP3 Encoder, and Libog

- Installing and settup Virtualization with Xen, Virtuozzo, Openvps, Vmware.

- Bash and Perl scripting for the administration tasks.

Linux Application Experience.


--Strong knowledge in installing and maintaining Automated softwares like CPanel, Plesk, Ensim and Direct Admin

--Initial Server Configuration and Setting Up Multilevel backups.

--Control Panel Upgrades and Patching

Compétences : Linux, PHP, Script Install, Administration Système, Sécurité Web

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