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I need a directory site made. I'd prefer it made in Joomla but you can make it in something else if you think that will work. I'm willing to pay $135-185 for this work. It must be done in 21 days or less. I'll have the homepage, and 2 other pages designed. You'll need to chop that up and put that it into the site. You'll have to do the other pages designs, but really it will just be based of those "2 other pages" I'm having designed.

This site will provide a state by state search engine for people to find a specific church, their doctrine and few photos of the facility and there current and future events. This site needs to welcome 3d tutorials for the viewers and owners. Each listing must be detailed with options and self loading options for self maintenance. It must allow the listers to login and maintain the up keep of their listing and make payments for their new listings and updates. This site concept is similar like a craigslist like search engine/listing agency but with more graphical details.

The site details will need to have been able to search listings by religious beliefs, structure and religious doctrines. The home page will have one big flash of different sanctuaries with a name stamp fading in and out as the picture goes away. The top of page will allow the customer to select their state and religion preferences and also a login option for listing churches. The bottom of the page will give a brief description of what the site is about.

As the viewer chooses their option of belief the following page should give them multiple photographic churches with a brief description with a more detail hyperlink for a popup box of the listed church for a better description with location, leaders name, etc. The listing church will have the convenience of listing their church with multiple option like photo, video, doctrine, building bio, leaders and their bio, events and there services to themselves and others. I would like for the listing church to be able to allow viewer to click their http:// to view their personal church site but not allow them to leave MY site, create a HTML box where their site appear within mine.

So mainly it is a site like a real estate MLS listing site but better.

Here are more general ideas for the site. Please see what you can use to enhance my vision. Below I will try to list a page by page discription the best way I know how to make you job a little bit easier.

[url removed, login to view](remove_this)[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view](remove_this)[url removed, login to view]

Home page:

A good size picture gallery box that fades in and out pictures of churches that decided that they want show their sanctuary but only allow 20 to be able to load just so they may want to pay extra to advertise in that photo box. Example: [url removed, login to view](remove_this)[url removed, login to view] , just look how the picture changes but I want them to fade in and out or flip like book pages. Right above the picture gallery put the search box option for religion, country, state, city and distance going straight across.

At the bottom of the gallery will be a brief description of the site. Under that will be three smooth round edged boxes (bubbles). Those boxes will represent the three services that I will be offering. The first offer is called “SHARE” underneath the word in the same bubble put “Tell the world about your ministry here...” The second bubble will be for Christian “News” and the third one for “Entertainment” where there will be updates on music, books, movies and an open forum for comments to each listing/category to make it more interactive.

The overall purpose and functionality of the site:

The full idea of this site will be explained from beginning to end as it is imagined.

The index page:

1. Will bring all the attraction and information of the site and what it will offer

2. Will have places for search for churches, ministries, artist and pastors by location and name

3. Will display featured clients advertised ministry in the center of the page

4. The three alternative features that we will provide

5. Has to be eye candy to every viewer so they will want to journey thru ought the sight


The logo needs to be purple and gold with the words the site name. The main color is purple and will have a gold outline/shadow/glow all in capital letters. The “the” will be in bold lower case letters in all white in a diagonal position above the “C”.

The search needs to be an advance search like city, state, zip code, pastor, and religion/denomination.

The photo bucket I would like for it to have the “page flipping option” like an e-reader book. This feature will show the featured ministries/pastors/artists/band. This will cost the customer $99/month.

Immediately after the photo bucket will be a brief description on the site and what we are trying to do for our customers and viewers (100-200 words).

Under that will be 4 long tabs (Register Now! Pastors Desk, Gated Community and News & Entertainment). Please put an advertisement banner at the top of the Gated Community and News & Entertainment pages so I can offer advertising please.

Register Now! – Tab:

Where customer registers there church, ministry, general users or entertainers. Each one of these options to sign up will have answer specific questions. Each one of these titles (church, ministry etc...) the church/ministry will have the same questions except I want and option for the ministry to attach itself to a church so it may show on the church website as a branch of the church or it may be a standalone ministry like a mission/outreach ministry only. So at the bottom of the form there is where they choose the username and password, also a check box the states they will abide by all the terms and policies and that they read them. Please allow customers to view their options like this link [url removed, login to view](remove_this)[url removed, login to view] or https://www.m(remvoe_this)[url removed, login to view] and choose. There will only be 3 option (FREE so a user that can blog, chat, post community board ads and thread. GOLD Package is for churches, ministries and artist to make their impression. PURPLE Package is for the index page photo flash and the advertising banner that will be on all the inner pages.

Pastors Desk – Tab:

Where pastors can create a profile page in detail and even form their own blog, forum, threading and sermons in audio and transcript, and chat room which are invite only. The pastor will have the option to conduct a live bible study (if possible). This option is $[url removed, login to view] but if not then they can post their teaching, novels or transcript with no audio teaching or live bible study. They will also have a contact/ booking form for services and calendar and this service is only $[url removed, login to view]

Gated Community - Tab:

Where anyone user can create groups and or open forums. There will be a number of different columns for Youth Ministers/Ministries, Learning Material, Prayer Board column, Word of the day, Words of encouragement, Events column (“Community Board” which allows every registered user to post a text only upcoming event), bible study material, and a chat session for social networking. This is free for general users. A column for Men, Women and Leaders to add comments of 200 characters only or in thread format whichever seem more interesting, probably a thread/blog. Give them the option to create Community Groups with open discussions.

News & Entertainment – Tab:

Where music artist can promote their music and even have a band page where they can advertise where to see them live and know where to get their music, a bio, a break down informative break down of members like on amazons music store for $[url removed, login to view] they will even have their own band page link to invite fans, family and friend to view kind of like my space. Only allow them 2 options for background like white only or they can upload their own from their computer. Allow customers to view by Genre, Artist etc… for reference of genre:

• Compilations

• Live Recordings

• Accompaniment

• Children's

• Country & Bluegrass

• Hard Rock & Metal

• Instrumental

• Pop & Contemporary

• Praise & Worship

• Rap & Hip-Hop

• Rock & Alternative

• Southern Gospel

• Poetry

• Spoken word

• Script writer

• Other

They can even upload only 30sec of their music for preview but we will not sell their music but allow them to put a link where it can be purchased.

I also want film and play writers to post their skits/pilots of up to 10min (if possible). I would like for the artists to thread/blog/chat with fans within their page. Also would love for poets and screen writers to have some kind of page as well.

Within the same page I would like news feed, weather displayed by zip code (if possible).

Church Profile page features:

Make the name of the church the header then put the picture of it under the name and put picture on the right of it. To the right of the picture put the pastors' name and under the picture put the address. Under that put the times of service then names of leaders and the department they supervise. Under that then the doctrine, vision and mission statement. Under that the audio and video uploads. Under that the contact information. Somewhere on that page place a Google map of the location. Allow the church to send out RSVP to events and give the people invited to accept or ignore the invitation(s). Let the invites be sent to a member of the T.E.A.M, city or state within the site. The abbreviation T.E.A.M is an option for churches, ministries or artist to be like friends are on facebook. So when they signup and within the user account have them the option to become a T.E.A.M member with anyone and so one of the questions should be would you like to join a T.E.A.M (Together everyone achieves more).

Allow anyone to get our Bar link i.e... [url removed, login to view](remove_this)[url removed, login to view]


About Us

Statement of Faith:


Mission Statement:

Terms of Use

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