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We are in need of a program to manage our unique traffic reselling network. Throughout the description I will use the word impressions, but what we are really trying to resell is unique and non unique visits through the use of popunders that will show a full URL instead of an image or ad. The software needs to be able to handle the following access levels and features: Admins: Need access to all settings and must be able to setup new reseller/webmasters accounts, add impressions to resellers accounts or if needed add impressions to advertisers accounts, no matter which reseller set them up. Needs to be able to set webmasters commission percentage, and wholesale price for reseller to fulfill reseller and webmaster ferature requirements as listed below. Resellers: Need access to a personalized control panel where they will be able to setup new advertisers accounts and campaigns. Also the control panel needs to be setup to show total impressions/visits available for the reseller and offer an option to purchase more impressions/visits from admin through paypal. The new purchased impressions need to be automatically added to the resellers account. The reseller needs to be able to allocate some of his impression inventory to the advertisers he sets up. Also he needs to be able to setup a straight campaign where the impressions will be run through as quickly as possible or an option to break down the duration of the campaign by being able to specify an amount of impressions/visits to be shown per day. The reseller needs to be able to setup the campaign to be unique visits or non unique and the software needs to handle the 2 types accordingly. Each reseller needs to have access only to the advertisers/campaign they setup. Webmaster: Need access to a control panel where they can get a custom popunder code to add to their site and they need to be able to see stats of how many impressions their site has shown in real time and on a mohtly basis. The monthly report needs to be archived so that webmasters can access previous months stats for their site as needed. We are planning on paying webmasters a percentage of our total earnings. It would be nice to be able to have the software show how much a webmaster has earned based on a percentage set at the admin level and calculated by total amount deposited by resellers and amount of impressions a webmaster's site has currently shown. It would also be nice to have an option where if a minimum amount (set at admin level) has been reached the webmasters can request a paypal tranfer from the admin, simply by clicking a button. Advertisers: need access to a control panel where they can see the total amount of impressions of their campaign and how many have been show in real time and how many they have left. The stats should also include unique IPs of visitors we sent to their site since we will be selling unique visits. We are planning on reselling unique visitors through the use of popunders on many different sites. The popunder code needs to be able to popup an advertiser's URL only once per unique visitor and log the visitors IP (a unique visist is a 1 visit in a 24 hour period) so that it can be shown on the advertiser's stats page. To recap, the advertiser should be able to see the amount of visits he purchased, how many visits have been shown, how many visits are left and the IP of each visit we sent him. Would be nice if the type of campaign could be setup to unique visits or non unique visits. this feature would be controlled by the reseller when setting up the campaign, but this would have to be managed at the software level since we are not planning on giving multiple codes to our webmasters. All popunder options need to be shown through 1 code only with the only customization being a way to log the impressions to the appropriate webmaster. We need security measure to ensure payment through paypal from resellers. Either all campaigns need to be approved by admin or force reseller to make a payment for the needed impressions if the amount he has in inventory is not enough to cover all campaigns he has setup. We would prefer an automated system since the least amount of intervention from us, the better we would feel. We need a login page that will redirect the user to the proper control panel without having to select the type of account they have. If this is not possible, we would need separate login pages for admin, advertisers, resellers, webmasters. The software needs to check for duplicate usernames or somehow ensure that there are not 2 users with the same ID. The whole program layout should be customizable through the use of an html header and footer so that we can incorporate it into our site layout. For the purpose of this project the layout can be left blank, we will customize it to match out layout, but any needed code to make the html work with the program needs to be already in place. I am open to suggestions on the database to utilize and we would like the software to be able to run on either NT/Win2K or Unix/linux servers since we estimate a quick growth in the amount of traffic we will serve and need to be able to easily move the software to a different location. The software should be able to handle millions of popunder servings per month without taking over too much cpu resources. We are open to suggestion on the type of scripting to use. We just need a product tough enough to be able to handle to amount of traffic we are planning on pushing through it. The winning bidder will need to be able to show us a working demo prior of receiving payment and need to be available for support if needed to resolve software bugs or problems.

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