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Hello everyone,

My name is Jonathan Regan.

This outline has been re-posted as a "featured" project. It is a long project

description - but it presents a really decent opportunity. (New programmers

please note - there are NO fees on this project if you are chosen for it ...)

**** Brief Project Description ****

- Programmer(s) needed to help me build, extend and upgrade my scripts.

- Priority status required (ie. you work with me if possible, when I need you)

- Help me create and extend my software scripts so they are attractive to

my customers, and if your code sells well - then I will pay you *very* well ...

**** Introducing to an entrepreneur (me!) ****

I am a 26 year old webmaster, author and general entrepreneur from Australia.

Currently, I live in Ireland. My day to day job involves Internet marketing and

creating new "ideas". I'm a talented website designer, but I prefer to outsource

all of my programming needs to other, far more talented people (you!). I'm a

firm believer in the notion that "if someone can do it better, then pay them to

do it better, and you will get a better result". I'm a manager I guess. Anyway,

the point is - I respect your talents, and I want to work with you. I want to pay

you very well to help me create software that excites customers, and helps

them achieve their goals. Original software that is really, really cool ...

I have spent quite a bit of money in the last 12 months, paying programmers

to create wonderful scripts for my own use. In most scenarios, I purchased

the "rights" to these scripts, which entitles me to sell them to other people.

(Some of my past projects are listed in my Scriptlance reputation, but most

were done externally to this website ? mainly for privacy reasons).

These scripts are really cool, but kind of ugly. I would like you to help me

turn them into beautiful, useful and "exciting to use" software systems that

will sell really, really well. The concepts are there. The coding is almost done,

and now I need talented programmers to help me upgrade, extend and convert

these "raw" scripts into ?works of art?. Software that will sell to thousands ...

**** 10 hours of rock solid work. I need your help! ****

Recently, a talented programmer helped me build a script, which does some

really cool stuff. If you work with PHP, then you will understand the way this

script works (it is very simple), but it is very powerful. For some reason, I just

cannot contact this programmer again. He won't reply to my emails, as his

server is no longer around. Bounced emails. Drats. Anyway, he designed a

great script that I cannot stop thinking about. I have done a lot of research,

and I know this software will sell extremely well when I get it to market ...

So, I need a programmer to extend and "finish" this script. I expect that it

will take 10 hours. I don't expect you to work for 10 hours straight, but I'm

keen to complete this project within a week or two. Several short bursts is

all I am asking. I also want to hire a programmer, that is prepared to check

his email quite often, and when he sees an email from me, to read and take

the time to answer it. Many times, I might have a simple question that you

will know the answer to within seconds. If you take the time to answer my

emails, then I will appreciate this - and I will pay you MORE, when you do

coding jobs for me. As an entrepreneur, I am always coming up with good

ways to make money, and creating software is fun and exciting for me ...

Unfortunately, I don't understand enough about programming to know what

is possible, and what is a nightmare to code. Sure, I understand a lot, but

only a true programmer can tell how difficult a certain idea is to code ...

**** Priority status required ****

I would prefer to work with someone in my time zone. If you live in Europe,

this is fantastic. If you live in the United States, this is also very good. I'm

often up very late - so it is useful to be able to communicate in the same

time zone. I spend most of my day on the Internet, and sometimes, I have

a question that I need answered. Sometimes, I need a feature coded into

my scripts. Sometimes I need your feedback, so I can determine if it is

worth coding an entirely new piece of software based on my needs ...

If you take the time to listen, and you answer my questions when possible,

then you will find yourself with endless work. If possible, I would like you to

answer my email questions as soon as I send them (but only if possible).

I don't want to hire someone that replies three days later with a 10 word

reply. This doesn't help me, and I can't help you (financially). So please

only bid on this project, if you can meet my requirements. I don't need

you to change the way you work. I don't want to interrupt your freelance

lifestyle, and I don't want you to feel obligated to me. I just need a little

"priority" status, so I can work better as an entrepreneur. Sometimes it

is hard, sitting around - wondering if something is possible. I try to do as

much as possible with my time, so if you can help me use my time a bit

better, then I will *really* appreciate this a lot! - Information is power ?

**** Finally, the project description ****

I am in search of a programmer, that can work with me for about 10 hours,

to extend, check and finish a script that another programmer began, but

which he is unable to finish. It is a simple script, but it needs a bit of work.

You are bidding on a "block" of your time. Ten hours in total. PLUS, you

are forming a relationship with me, that will lead to other work. Lots of it.

You must understand PHP, and you have to know how to create attractive

interfaces for scripts. My scripts look ugly. I want them to look pretty ...

10 hours of your time, and a life long relationship - PLUS, priority status :)

Please email me here: admin -at- [url removed, login to view] OR, simply write a

reply on the message board. Don't be offended if I don't write back straight

away. I get lots of emails every day, so it might take me some time to get

back to you. Thanks for taking the time to read this project description.

I really do appreciate it.



P.S. - If you are prepared to work on my new script for 10 hours for free,

then it would be a great start to our relationship. I will pay you eventually,

and it will lead to extra work. Please don't misunderstand me. I do have

plenty of money, and I pay all my programmers well - but if you are really

keen to build a relationship with me, then do my trial for free - and this will

really catch my attention!

P.P.S. - Please view my Scriptlance reputation if you have any doubts

about me, this offer and my past track record. I am a talented entrepreneur,

looking for an equally talented programmer. I'm keen to hear from new and

old programmers, and those that have yet to establish a reputation here :)

P.P.P.S - As you might be able to tell - I try and explain everything clearly,

so you know what to do. Some webmasters do not communicate well. If

possible, I always try and let you know exactly what I want, so it is a lot

easier for you to code to my expectations. It is easy to work with me!

Compétences : Tout va bien, Conception graphique , Perl, PHP, Design de site internet

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