Beautiful, functional CSS-based web site design for an e-commerce web site

Require beautiful, functional CSS-based web site design for an e-commerce web site. Please note - If you are not a creative designer with top-notch CSS skills, just move on now. I have no desire to hold hands with part-timers and beginners. If you do not "know" CSS and graphics well enough to submit a [url removed, login to view] type design, please do not waste your time. Thanks.

=.=.=. REQUIREMENTS .=.=.=

Require a fully compliant W3C two / three column web site for an e-commerce application;

- Five consistently styled pages designed (three very similar, plus home page and pop-up template);

- About 10 banner style graphics (plus miscellaneous navigation / page graphics as required - 10-15);

- Alternate stylesheets for print, legibility (larger fonts) and screen size (three column display).

This is a two stage project. The first stage is design. Once approved, the second stage is to create the alternate templates and JavaScript integration of those templates (also JavaScript for multiple images, but if JavaScript is not your strong suit, no problem, we will handle this from our side!) Typography. Graphics. Design. (repeated for emphasis - Typography! Graphics! Design!) That's what we are after.

=.=.=. STAGE #1 .=.=.=

Stage #1 - CSS Pages / Templates and Graphics Designed for Web Site

This includes following pages / templates:

1. Product Page Template (actual product focus - sample illustration included)

2. Section page template (paragraph information about the product category, and listing anywhere from 3 to 30 products via thumbnails and very brief descriptions of 50 characters or less)

3. Corporate Page template (shipping, information, etc)

4. Pop-up window style and design for extra information as required for web site.

5. Home Page "ideas and suggestions" and possibly a rough draft. This can be the last aspect of this project (and it is recommended to be so, as we feel that the home page is important, but our requirements / guidelines are still evolving for this page)

As mentioned above, a very, very, very rough draft is included and is intended only to explain the sections required. Definitely DO NOT use this as any basis for colours or graphics. It is only intended as a possible layout and is for communication purposes only!

=.=.=. Pop-Up Template Info .=.=.=

The popup template is intended for the following purposes:

1. Definitions popup (for linked definitions - i.e. what does CXXL mean)

2. Accessibility popup (information about alternate style sheets, shipping policy, etc.)

3. Feedback popup (a feedback form embedded with all the information from the page location and product and user as possible)

=.=.=. Graphics Info .=.=.=

It is expected that you will create one unique, but themed banner for top of each of about 10 major section pages. You will be supplied with all as many product images and logos as you require.

It is also expected that you may have to create or modify between 10-25 mini-graphics for navigation and consistency of design throughout the web site (i.e. shopping cart, question mark help button; feedback icons, W3C, Verisign, etc).

=.=.=. STAGE #2 .=.=.=

Stage #2: The second stage of the project is fitting the page with the following features

1. Accessibility Stylesheets (larger font, print version, three column)

2. Fitting in the JavaScript as required for the project

3. Final edit of style and functionality as result of peer review. This is unlikely to significantly alter the look feel or design of the CSS / Style, but there will be a review and last alteration prior to going live.

4. Also required is "one" very basic HTML conversion of CSS version for low end browsers. This will make use of minimal graphics and will also not include all the accessibility features. This is intended for modems, low end browsers, and slow, older computers.

5. Home Page design draft. This home page will be reworked by the end coder whom creates the actual web site (this will ultimately be a Yahoo! RTML based Store, but again, you do not have to know RTML for this DESIGN project)

=.=.=. Notes .=.=.=

This is primarily a DESIGN project! This is definitely the most important aspect of this project.

However, please let us know (on a scale of one to ten with one being NO KNOWLEDGE and 10 meaning "I can teach this in my sleep to other professionals") on each of the following areas. Remember, "useable, clean design" is by far the greatest need for this project. Your response MUST rate your self / company capabilities in the following areas as we may elect to add more to project depending on your skills:

1. CSS ("0" = beginner; "5" = have or could be a [url removed, login to view] contributor; "10" = CSS MASTER; )

2. Graphics ("0" = beginner; "5" = pretty much anything I want to do I can; "10" = Photoshop MASTER!)

3. JavaScript ("0" = beginner; "5" = have libraries of routines I frequently use; "10" = I can and have make JavaScript routines from scratch with no limitations on capabilities)

4. PHP ("0" = beginner; "5" = "10" = I dream in PHP, and my spouse is really a Linux prototype)

5. Yahoo! Store RTML ("0" = What is RTML?"; "10" = I have 10+ RTML e-commerce platforms and have a huge library of RTML routines at my disposal)

Note #1: It okay to have "0"s in every area except CSS!

Note #2: No "5's allowed - either you are more or less familiar with this skill

Note #3: Honesty is important. If your skills DO NOT match what you say, your project will be terminated.

Note #4: If you do not rate yourself accordingly, I will assume that you are SPAM bidding and ignore your bid! Note that I have password protected this information from other users, but if you are concerned about providing this information on this rather public forum, then please submit this to me via e-mail at the following e-mail address [[url removed, login to view]]. Thanks for your cooperation.

Project will be posted for one week, but I may select the CSS-coder / designer prior to that point. Our company will provide you with all the resources that you require immediately upon your request. Time is of the essence in this project. You must be free and able to start immediately.

Thanks, I know that if you bid, that you believe in yourself / company and your design capabilities. I thoroughly enjoy working with professionals such as yourself.

MTM //cc:JH

Compétences : Conception graphique , Javascript, Design de logo, PHP, Design de site internet

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