Business Partner needed for Mesh Network in Sydney

The skills needed is very diverse and cannot be pinned down to a single skill.

What I need is a partner or partners who can help in the setting up of a Private Mesh network in Sydney Australia.

For those who don't know, a Mesh network is a computer network such as the Internet but is completely managed and run by the members of the mesh and is closed to "outsiders" (You will not be able to get access to our mesh through the Internet).

What is the Mesh good for?

A Mesh is in effect exactly what the internet is, just much smaller.

With a Mesh you can:

Create and Host websites,

Host interna/external mail servers,

Start a Mesh Radio or TV Station,

Connect 2 or more branch offices together,

Monitor security devices and/or cameras remotely,

Share files, music etc,

Send & recieve emails fom the internet through your mesh network mail server,

Run your own Private network with your friends,

Run your own VM's (Virtual Machines on platforms such as Xen and VMWare) and Servers (File servers, Domain servers, FTP, SQL, DNS and more)

Run your own Game servers (open or closed to the rest of the network)

Run your own VOiP service, run a voce/video server such as Skype to make fone calls to MESH users 100% free of charge.

Users with Internet acces or no access can upload videos just like YouTube and the rest of the MESH users can watch them for free.

There are too many things to name here,

What is good about running our own MESH network, IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! YOU DON'T PAY ANYTHING, unless you signup to the WiFi Internet access.

You can have access to the MESH and your normal Internet Service Provider at the same time. For example if you type into your browser [url removed, login to view] you will be directed via your ISP to the site, and if you type into your browser [url removed, login to view] you will be directed via the MESH and load the local website in your browser. The difference is your ISP charges you money and the MESH is 100% free for members.

How will I become a member and how much will it cost?

If you have a WiFi enabled device such as a PC, Laptop, Netbook or phone and you are within a MESH network and can connect, you will be a member and it will cost NOTHING.

We can also provide WiFi (Hotspot) internet access. (Anybody with permission from the Administrators of the Mesh can start their own WiFi hotspot and make some cash.) The beauty of the system is that you don't have to be within a WiFi radius to connect to the internet, you can connect to any WiFi spot from anywhere.

How can it be FREE?

For those who don't know, your ISP charges you money for the Bandwidth you use on there backbone (you pay for using their lines, equipment etc)

Usually it is called your "CAP" i.e $20.00 for 10gbs per month, once your 10gbs has been used up your connection either stops working or slows down significantly. (a few hours of watching youtube video's will deplete your "CAP" and the rest will be history)

We will be the owners of the MESH, so we dont have to pay companies like Telstra or Optus to use their backbone- we will own the backbone. The bandwidth (which we can control) belongs to us so we can decide what we do with it.

How big can the MESH get?

Basically as big as we want it to get, for example we can connect Sydney CBD to Paramatta CBD for as little as $5000 and extend the reach into all the corners of Sydney using long range Transmitters and Repeaters, it will then be upto the local users to extend even further into neighbourhoods, businesses, clubs etc. or to extend into non Sight areas (non Sight areas are areas were the our transmitters won't reach such as the back of a big building, or inside a building, warehouse etc.)

Please read the Attached File for more Information!

We need Business Partners who can be full active Partners. Silent Partners/Investors might be considered, but we prefer working Partners. You must have some Cash available $5000 or more and must be able to Financially support yourself until we generate income +- 2 Months.

Compétences : PBX Asterisk, PHP, Mondes Virtuels, VoIP, Serveur Windows

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