PROJECT TITLE: PYTHON CODER IS NEEDED : XBMC plug-in application(repost)


Please see the detailed requirements section of this post for more information.**

## Deliverables


Please do not put any bids on this project, just comments, the bid can be provided, once I chose the coder, based on the comments, my replies, experience and discussions. All the communication is done here on vworker.**



**Programming language**: Python, XBMC plug-in design.

I need an experienced coder that can quickly program in the above noted language, without any English spelling or grammar mistakes. Efficiency and good problem solving abilities are required. I need a coder that can reply to my comments in a very expedited and regular manner, maximum within 1-2 days from the posted comment or request. An ability to work independently, understand tasks assigned, with limited involvement of the application project developer is required. Attention to details and experience in excellent troubleshooting techniques is needed. I have a lot of work, and additional work can be assigned concurrently or consequently, once the coder is chosen.

All the work to be uploaded to my test server and vworker on a regular basis. Access details to my test server will be provided to the successful coder, as required.


1) I need to create a XBMC plugin that will work on XBMC framework on any device XBMC is running.

The plug in is basically a file parser, that shows different pages, files as per config setting. The files are retrieved from my server, that is configured in config of the plugin. This settings can be modified remotely by me and sent an update to the plugin, so I can change what is shown and where is the plugin loading the information from.

The plugin is designed to run a notification system, video viewing station with channels as links to files as below.

The plugin needs to do the following:

1.1) Have a config section where I can configure setting for the application

1.1) Be able to show PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, SWF, MP4, MP3 files located on remote web location

I need to be able to parse a webpage and show it in the plug-in, and the above files might be loaded in xbmc plugin.

1.2) Let me password protect settings or remotely send settings to the xbmc plugin.

1.3) I need to be able to set in config the name of titles to be selected by the user when they load xbmc plugin, and where those titles once clicked will go to load information from. The information can be any of the file formats as above.

1.4) The config will have all the necessary settings to load the custom menu as above, links to the files, password settings and any other settings needed to complete the above task.

1.5) Allow me to have an ability to allow users to enter ids and passwords for any titles, as per config that need password to be provided before they can be loaded. the passwords are loaded and checked against online settings on my site. The link to the application online will be provided, in PHP language.

1.6) LEt me fully control the final output for the main screen that the user will see, full screen, once they load xbmc plugin. Test, titles, links, any notification popup windows, that I can push to the xbmc plugin from my server settings file (txt file) on my server.

1.7) Let me lock or disable, enabled any xbmc plugin. Therefore each xbmc plugin will have to have some kind of install key associated with it.

1.8) Let me send popup messages to the user.

1.9) Let me full control how the content is shown to the user.

1.10) After the user clicked on the menu item, the file will be loaded and shown on the screen, from my server. The file format as above.

Let user to be able to pause the play of the file, go back to the menu and stop showing the file clicked. All the files are loaded from my server, and not store anywhere on xbmc.

1.11) The location where the files are loaded from should be absolutely hidden, and loaded from config that is password protected and encrypted and can only be changed by me either remotely or by providing a new plug in with the encrypted config file within the ZIP install file form xbmc.

1.12) The plug in is an installable ZIP file under video plug ins for XBMC.

2) Any code that can be reused from the original application, in the new application, must be pre-approved by me.

3) Additional work and bonuses: I have a lot of PHP, C#, classic ASP, graphic design and general web site design work. Fast and efficient work will be rewarded by additional work assigned and potential bonuses for any extra work requested, if any.


Please reply to this post with a very brief outline of your programming skills, comments about my requirements, and one example of previous work done.




The Python application needs to run on XBMC media centre on any platform XBMC runs on. PHP enabled Windows Shared hosting server.. The code must be plain text Python code, and not encrypted. No un-approved third party components, dlls or any external code or drivers. The program must run independently. The program must be well commented and indented. Proper GUI and user error and other messages and comments must be done. Any Windows OS IIS server.

Compétences : .NET, ASP, Programmation C, Programmation C#, PHP, Python, Script Install, Script Shell, Architecture Logicielle, Visual Basic

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