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296553 PHP Wizard to Build RTFs/PDFs

We are looking for a programmer to modify our current PHP code to enable users to our site to dynamically build and then download certain business/legal forms in PDF and Microsoft Word format (.doc or .rtf. is acceptable). Our web site currently uses PHP to dynamically generate these forms/pages. (See links below.) However, the forms only contain "fill-in-the blank" lines. (Currently, a user can only print these forms and then handwrite in the answers, or copy-and-paste the forms into Microsoft Word and then manually type in the answers.)

We want a "Wizard"-like functionality added to this PHP script that will help our users "build" these forms online.

The PHP script you provide us will dynamically generate PDF and Microsoft Word files. It will allow a user to answer several "questions" (using standard HTML form field text boxes and drop-down menus) -- stepping through the Questions and Answers in a "Wizard" like process. The script will populate the user's answers into the dynamically generated PDF and Microsoft Word files. It will also pull certain data from a MySQL table, if necessary. (This MySQL data pull is already coded into our current PHP script.) The script will then email this file to the email address(es) the user specifies, or it will allow him to download the file directly from the web site.

For example, here are two of the forms from our site that we are seeking to adapt:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

(Note: The 100 forms accessible from these 2 URLs are based off of 2 form templates -- 2 files with some database calls for text that make the forms slightly different. These pages are dynamically generated by PHP. We will provide you with this code and want you to modify it for this project.)

We have a large number of forms that we want to adapt, so the PHP script you provide us must be easily adaptable (by us) to the other forms on our web site. We do not expect you to adapt all of our forms to the PHP code you provide us. We only want you to complete the adaptation for 15 of our form templates (including the 2 URLs above) to the code you provide. (We will handle the rest.)

Payment Gateway: We will want you to adapt the code to a Payment Gateway system on our web site, so that people may purchase the forms that they "build" from our site through [url removed, login to view] and 2checkout.com.

Fax Option: The user may have the completed PDF/RTF file faxed to any fax number using [url removed, login to view]'s service. This is simple to achieve and is explained here:

[url removed, login to view]

RTF Generator Source Code: We have already purchased the following "RTF PHP Generator" script to reduce the amount of programming that you will need to do. We will provide you with this script, if you believe it will help you:

[url removed, login to view]

The "Wizard" Process: How the forms should be "built"? The "wizard" will step the user through 1 question at a time. The user is asked a question, and then clicks on "Next -->" to advance to the next question. The Wizard will need to step the user through all blank lines in the forms.... For example, see the Residential Lease Agreement form ([url removed, login to view]).... For this form, the following questions would be asked: (1) What is the date for this agreement? (2) What is the Landlord's first name? (3) What is the Landlord's last name? (4) What is the name of the person who is renting ("Lessee")? (5) What is the County? (6) What is the term for this lease in number of months? (7) What is the amount of the monthly rent? (8) What day of the month is the rent due? (9) Do you want to allow pets? (9)(a) If yes, how many pets do you want to allow? (9)(b) How much do you want to charge as a pet deposit? etc...

If someone bids the right amount AND can finish the work quickly (within 7 days), we will end this project early, so please bid accordingly. Thanks!

Compétences : Tout va bien, PHP

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