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I have a large Sencha Touch application that needs to go into higher gear.

Before describing the project, I need to say something first: this is a very complicated application that requires world-class coding, designing and UX levels. Most programmers will (probably) not be able to handle this project. If you feel that you are qualified, please keep reading.

I tried [url removed, login to view] to find hourly rate help but was gravely disappointed. So I'm going for a fixed rate now.

Not only are the screens of this application complicated, but the software design has a learning curve. I am using a few techniques that you might not be familiar with.

OK, down to business. I have a financial + calendar app, and I'm using Sencha Touch. The application is a couple of years old now, so Sencha might not be the right choice right now. But 2 years ago I did my research and that was the only platform that gave me support on many devices with the best performance. I am aware that native gives the best performance, but I opted for the tradeoff so I can support many devices and not have to write the code many times.

I speculate that there are about 20-30 screens to implement. Some very basic. Some incredibly complicated (think Calendar only much harder).

The work load is high and I won't compromise on quality. If you're good, this is an opportunity to create something beautiful, and of course you will be rewarded handsomely. If you are a mediocre developer, then please do not waste my time and yours, and try to find another, less demanding, project.

I am starting small. Your first task will be to fix the work done by the previous developer. That is a simple screen to create an Income record from a client (yes, even that was too hard for said "developer"). There is an EditIncome view and an EditClient view.

I am attaching the specs for both screens. Also, I am attaching the specs for the other direction - an Expense screen and a Supplier screen (the opposites of Income and Client). I am attaching these because that is the next task and you'll probably want to use the same code base. But to be clear - the current task is JUST the Income and Client screens. If you want to use the same code base, great.

The other reason I'm not asking you to give me a quote on the Expense/Supplier screen is that I haven't finished writing the spec (you'll see).

Ignore the screens in Hebrew. I will translate your screens after you've finished.

More importantly than the specs, is a 5-paged document I wrote that describes what will be required from you at the code level, as well as some explanations on how my code architecture works (you'll be provided with some code files that are used system-wide). I wish everyone could handle that document, but my belief is that that's where most candidates will fall. Please read the document carefully and ask questions (I admit I might have done a few mistakes in it). By the quality of your questions I'd be able to understand if you have what it takes.

If you feel these screens are too simple for you, great. As I said, there are many more complicated screens. For example, I'm looking forward to start using Sencha's graphic components in the next versions (they added them v2.3). But right now I'm very iffy about using freelancers because I fear the quality isn't good enough. If you think I'm wrong, please, prove it to me!

You need to understand English. I will be recording screencasts with bugs/features and speak to you.

When you post a response please write how much is 2+2 so I know you read up to here.

Thanks for reading



Spec - [url removed, login to view]

Document for dev - [url removed, login to view]

Existing source code (to fix) - [url removed, login to view]

Existing code you need to know how to use (from document) - [url removed, login to view]

P.S. I put in $5000+ so this project will show up for searches for high paying projects. I don't think this small test project is worth that much of course.

Please place your bid for the Income (general & payments) and Client screens ONLY. Remember that you have a lot of the code ready.
If you're good then I'll take you to build the rest of the application.
If you didn't read all the supplied material please don't waste my time with dubious bids.

Remember that you have a lot (if not all of the code) for the screens. I expect low bids on this job. If you do the job well you'll get the rest of the screens. Consider this task as your paid interview.

If you can't bid lower than $5000 because of the settings for this project, please write your bid in your message, we'll work it out later.

UPDATE April 22nd:
I have now uploaded the full spec for 5 screens: Edit/New Income, Edit/New Client, Edit/New Expense, Edit/New Expense Type, Edit/New Supplier.
The first task then for you is to write all 5 screens. Remember that for Income and Client you have a lot of the code ready.
Please update your bid. Please bid on the entire project, and also specify the following milestones bidding:
Milestone 1: Edit/New Client
Milestone 2: Edit/New Supplier
Milestone 3: Edit/New Expense Type
Milestone 4: Edit/New Income (integrated with Edit/New Client)
Milestone 5: Edit/New Expense (integrated with Supplier and Expense Type)

Good luck, and in your bid write how much is three plus two so I know you read this update.

Thanks for your attention, and good luck again in bidding.

New spec: http://goo.gl/SSolNX
New code files (just added Validation.js): http://goo.gl/NSiuvr

Compétences : HTML5, Mobile App Development, Sencha / YahooUI

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