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Future strategy for Ninjatrader 8

Job Description:

The strategy will be on Ninja trader 8 would like to trade on Futures

Input before start:

1\. I will enter a price to enter (Initial price)

2\. I will enter number of ticks (X)

3\. I will chose direction (Long or Short)

4\. Unrealized profit Target (in dollars)

5\. Maximum Unrealized Loss (Stop loss-"Flat All")

6\. Number Of contract Per Entry

(If it possible that all of the inputs will be on the chart trader panel)

upon "Submit" the strategy will:

If "Long" is chosen then: (Same for short...)

The strategy will place "Buy Limit" order X ticks under the "Initial Price" (1.)

\*\*\*It must be defined to "Display ATM Strategy ONLY" so we can relate to each entry individually.

If Limit is filled then place another "Buy Limit" X ticks under that position and so on up to If "Maximum Unrealize loss" is reached than "Flat All"

Now comes the mathematics

Handling the open positions: (in the case market is going down)

The strategy will always try to eliminate the biggest loosing position meaning the highest price entry- the way to do that, the strategy will "Take Profit" if there is reversal that puts the Last entries in profit that is equal to the biggest loosing position. That is why we need to address each trade to it salves.

If the market reverse again downward it will keep placing "Buy Limit" on the same places.


1\. Initial price: 4002

2\. X ticks: 8

3\. Direction: Long

4\. Realized profit Target $100

5\. Maximum Unrealized Loss $200

6\. Number of contract: 1

Market go down enter Long at 4000( 8 tick under the "initial") and place order (buy) on 3998 (8 ticks under)

then if 3998 if filled place "Buy limit" at 3996.....3990 then market reverse and go up to 3994

So the trades look like that

Trade #1 at 4000 - Unrealized loss -24 ticks

Trade #2 at 3998 - Unrealized loss -16 ticks

Trade #3 at 3996 - Unrealized loss -8 ticks

Trade #4 at 3994 - Break Even

Trade #5 at 3992 - Unrealized profit +8 ticks

Trade #6 at 3990 - Unrealized profit +16 tick

*Trade #6 + #5 total is +24 and trade #1 is -24*

Strategy will close Trade #6 and #5 and #1 and continue like:

Place "Buy Limit" at 3992 and so on...

If "Unrealized profit Target" is reached "Close all"

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