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Looking to speed our site up a bit. Site is running on a fully dedicated server. I am looking for an optimization solution, whether it be done manually or with a good extension. Looking for someone that has a lot of experience with this, and am looking for fast load times, to clean up the site's databases and just an overall speed boost for the site. Looking for a reasonable price and time frame. I spoke with our server host about the speed of the server etc, and here is the response I got in regards to the site:

"subimods_db1 4026Mb.

Such large databases usually generate many slow MySql queries and the sites

load slower.

* We have checked the slow queries log on the server and found that your

website generates many slow MySql queries like these ones:

Executed 2167 min ago for 2 sec on Database --> 0commit.

INSERT INTO `log_visitor` (`session_id`, `first_visit_at`, `last_visit_at`,

`last_url_id`, `store_id`) VALUES ('e1720f246e2837bd1abba03ca01db7cc',

'2012-07-17 11:29:28', '2012-07-17 11:29:28', '0', '1

Executed 587 min ago for 3 sec on Database --> 0commit.

INSERT INTO `catalog_category_product_index` SELECT `ce`.`entity_id`,

`cp`.`product_id`, IF (cp.category_id=ce.entity_id, [url removed, login to view],

MIN(([url removed, login to view] + 1) * ([url removed, login to view] + 1) * 10000) + [url removed, login to view]) AS position,

IF (cp.category_id=ce.entity_id, 1, 0) AS is_parent, `s`.`store_id`,

IF(sv.value_id, [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]) AS `visibility` FROM

`catalog_category_entity` AS `ce` LEFT JOIN `catalog_category_entity` AS

`cc` ON [url removed, login to view] LIKE CONCAT([url removed, login to view], '/%') INNER JOIN

`catalog_category_product` AS `cp` ON cp.category_id=cc.entity_id OR

cp.category_id=ce.entity_id INNER JOIN `catalog_product_website` AS `pw` ON

pw.product_id=cp.product_id INNER JOIN `core_store_group` AS `g` ON

g.website_id=pw.website_id INNER JOIN `core_store` AS `s` ON

s.group_id=g.group_id INNER JOIN `catalog_category_entity` AS `rc` ON

rc.entity_id=g.root_category_id LEFT JOIN `catalog_category_entity_int` AS

`dca` ON dca.entity_id=ce.entity_id AND dca.attribute_id=43 AND

dca.store_id=0 LEFT JOIN `catalog_category_entity_int` AS `sca` ON

sca.entity_id=ce.entity_id AND sca.attribute_id=43 AND

sca.store_id=s.store_id LEFT JOIN `catalog_product_entity_int` AS `dv` ON

dv.entity_id=pw.product_id AND dv.attribute_id=91 AND dv.store_id=0 LEFT

JOIN `catalog_product_entity_int` AS `sv` ON sv.entity_id=pw.product_id AND

sv.attribute_id=91 AND sv.store_id=s.store_id LEFT JOIN

`catalog_product_entity_int` AS `ds` ON ds.entity_id=pw.product_id AND

ds.attribute_id=84 AND ds.store_id=0 LEFT JOIN `catalog_product_entity_int`

AS `ss` ON ss.entity_id=pw.product_id AND ss.attribute_id=84 AND

ss.store_id=s.store_id WHERE (([url removed, login to view] LIKE CONCAT([url removed, login to view], '/%') AND

IF(sca.value_id, [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view])=1) OR ce.entity_id=rc.entity_id) AND

(IF(ss.value_id, [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view])=1) AND (ce.entity_id IN ('2', '11',

'135', '920')) GROUP BY `ce`.`entity_id`, `cp`.`product_id`, `s`.`store_id

Executed 514 min ago for 2 sec on Database --> subimods_db1.

DELETE FROM `catalogsearch_fulltext` WHERE (store_id='1

Executed 10 min ago for 2 sec on Database --> subimods_db1.

DELETE FROM `catalogsearch_fulltext` WHERE (store_id='1

Such slow MySql queries stack one after another, because they require long

time to be executed completely, and your account starts to consume too many

CPU time and server resources.

This make your website slow and even inaccessible if it is heavily visited.

Most of the hits (requests) towards your site trigger new slow queries and

you can see the result on your end.

You (or your developer) should inspect the above queries carefully and try

to determine exactly what is causing them.

In most of the cases such queries are generated by not-well written

extensions (plugins, modules, components, etc.), however sometimes the

problem is in the application itself and this require deeper investigation

and troubleshooting."

Look forward to your responses!

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