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103595 Skilled programmers wanted

*You must have your own server connected to the internet

We provide 4 applications which are: ad management, ad network, banner exchange and affiliate software in JSP. Your work will be to update all four of the applications with the new features we have requested. We do all work on a project basis so these items below are part of 1 project which we have quotes for already. So please look at our site and get back to us with the time frame and cost for this project.

We will need each item in the project list done, checked by us on your server and then software and source code updates delivered as each item is completed so we provide them to our clients fluidly and not wait until the whole project is completed. Once done with the project at hand, delivered and paid for we will provide you with another project list to take up. As we have unlimited work we are looking for a long term person to work with us and deliver quickly and on time. We also have client installations and more. We will need work updates periodically by email and to be able to contact you by IM through Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL IM.


This should only be part of the ad network software (not the ad management)

You will see in the ad management software you have now that there is an ad network user in the pull down menu and the Create new Publisher and Advertiser buttons as well. These need to be taken off/Removed in the ad management and only are to be in the ad network software. We will provide you with that as well to check out.

*-automate the sign up process for publishers and advertisers. Publishers can sign up automatically to sell ad space. Should be able to sell by CPM, CPL, CPA, CPC, CPS (Impressions, Clicks, Aquisition, Leads, Sales, Fixed amount, Time Frame: Day, Month, Year, Etc to be flexible to add other options a user wants.)

Advertisers can see ad space for sale and automatically sign up and make automated payments through payment systems that should be integrated by you and checked by the main admin to use as a payment system. Ads go live once paid for. All payments and status should show in the main administrators area in the ad network software under (ad network login) where it shows who is signed up currently done manually (Should show all information including what publisher was paid, what advertiser paid, what campaign, when Ad network admin pays Publisher, etc). Ad network payments usually are paid by the advertiser to the ad network (admin) then they pay the publisher. We are looking for the selling part to be selling like on Adpeeps but even better. View their online demo: [url removed, login to view] Having the site name, url, description, ad space size, ad type like text, image, rich media, etc... Same as theirs but with all the extra beefed up information. The admin should be able to set up any payment service they want automatically through plugins you add in (paypal, [url removed, login to view], 2checkout, Money Bookers, WorldPay as well as their own merchant account, (should be loaded with 15 or so payment systems to start and then they can integrate/plugin their own if it is not listed)


*- add in additional ad codes to the applications ad code generator which are placed on the browser side (Ad codes: Iframe and SSI are there currently) and additional ability of new ad types like floating pages, interstitials, expandable ads, etc..

We want to be well rounded and compete with Asp, Rss and XML features. wap functionality to deliver ads to phones (mobiles) and other easier and efficient ad capabilities for blogs, pda's, email and dynamic sites such as asp, php, etc. Basically every delivery method so it can target all areas.

The ad code generator should have the options (pull down) for each and labeled wap, blogs, dynamic, floating ads, etc. So that the ad codes will work with the specific criteria of the users website without having to guess. And additional ad types like floating pages, interstitials, expandable ads, etc for the pull downs when creating ads.

In the Banner edit area please go through and make sure each all work in IE, Opera and Firefox/Mozilla (All browsers). So the ad tags should have the multiple schemes so they show up. Make sure that the options like Object border, Link target, text link under object and the rest all work.

This is all html markup. SO if a user puts 0 for Object border then there should be no visible [url removed, login to view] Target _blank should open a new window when the ad is clicked, text link under object (would be if you put text like click here under the ad) it should show and automatically be placed under the ad but not change the ad image size. Current programmers do not understand this one. If it is 468x60 ad and zone size the text under the ad is separate and put under the ad.

The banner exchange we noticed has no way for the users to get the ad codes to place on there websites. Missing. Needs to be added so the users can place code on their sites and participate in the banner exchange.


*-Ability for language translation. To translate the system in different languages. Having a main language file so if someone wants Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, etc.. These would be included from the start and can use a pull down menu at the login screen for the ones being used in the system. They would just choose the languages they want to have in the pull down through a plugin. English would be the default language and they would only need to select if they wanted a different language in the pull down. You should have 1 main file for the whole software interface for all our software applications and have the main languages included. If a specific language is not included by you from the start they should be able to translate the one file in to their language of choice and upload it so their language of choice shows for them as well in the pull down and can select the language of choice to be default. But we deliver it as English as default but they can change at any time.


*- Add targeting and geo targeting from Maxmind to target ads to cities, states and more as shown below. Need to incorporate the Maxmind database [url removed, login to view] for those items (targeting) of ads in all of our software applications. Must work. Test them along with the targeting which we already have: browsers, operating systems, countries, days, hours, time, etc. The information should be included in scrollable screen so the user can just highlight what they want targeted to just like they have on Adsapient [url removed, login to view] as they have a download as well on their site. (Use Exact template screen they have). Should be added to all of our applications. We currently have some of these in place but all these would need to be implemented and correctly working. So testing would need to be done and shown they work.

With the targeting it should have all content targeting (like movies, education) etc.

(content, traffic, geo targeting, behavior, keywords, parameters, systems date, time)

The targeting screens should look exactly like this providers below. All of the information should be

shown just like theirs is (on the left) then you click so it adds to the right box which would target to.

If something needs to be added to the left they should be able to add an item.

AdSapient Banner Manager - [url removed, login to view]


Login to this demo and go to targeting templates on the left side panel under

advertising management. Click that. You will see all of the targeting options once you

click on add. So, all of these targeting features as well as the Maxmind database provides

along with the ones it does not provide and we already have should all be laid out

in the Exact same manner as this sites targeting feature screen for ease of use.

The client would be responsible for purchasing the database from Maxmind and plugging it in to our system. Must include in the installation plugin directions so they are within the software and online so people can set up easily.

All targeting included: (content, traffic, geo targeting, behavior, keywords, parameters, systems date, time)

Targeting using the maxmind database for these and any other they offer: Should be a replica of Adsapient.

* Continent

* Country

* State/Province

* City

* Postal Code

* Metropolitan code

* Ip Address

* Area Code

* Connection Speed



*- Our license server needs to be put back online. Last programmers knocked it [url removed, login to view] like to integrate a download area for clients through the license server to login to download their respective files they purchased. Meaning, they would be assigned a login which would be their registration number and a password that is created so no two people have the same id number/registration# and password. When they login they would be able to download the files they are allowed to receive. For each customer they have a unique id number and then a check box for the applications they are allowed to run. We want to have an area where we can upload all the applications and source codes to. If the particular user is allowed to use the ad management software and the box is checked they can download that file only. This way they can check for updates for the file versions and can also retrieve the files by download. It should keep a log file of when they logged in and downloaded which files, dates, etc...

We will want you to play around with the applications now and get used to them. Anything you notice during programming or what not please update it and bring to our attention. Want this streamlined and fluid for our clients. We are looking for a long time business partner, good communication and someone who is up to the latest in technology, knows advertising and all ad coding, types, systems and can bring new and exciting features forward.


Compétences : Tout va bien, JSP

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