In need of a coder to fix three remaining snags on my website

Hello, my name is Jeff and I am looking for a web coder to fix three specific features on my site. I'll start off by inserting my website's address so that you can see precisely what I am referring to .[url removed, login to view]

Basically I want my site to remain the exact same without any loading or other technical errors. I am also looking to have search engine optimization features added into my site's coding. When I was creating my site I purchased a pre-assembled Javascript gallery named Folio Galleria, I am not looking to remove it, merely smooth any remaining snags. Once you get into any given one of my galleries there is a tool bar on the site that appears above the thumbnails, it has links on it that direct you to one of three locations, the main menu, the galleries main page, and the gallery you are currently in(href needs to be inserted), when you click on a photograph, the Folio Galleria opens up the chosen photograph in a light-box that takes up the whole screen, rendering the site toolbar's navigational abilities useless when viewing an enlarged photograph. Normally this wouldn't be a problem due to the fact that there is a feature built in to the Folio Galleria Javascript that is supposed to bring up a small X in the right hand corner that allows you to minimize the light-box and return back to the thumbnails in the gallery, the problem is that if the screen is idol for a moment the X, photo titles, and navigational arrows disappear leaving nothing but a black background, which is the intended effect seeing as the interactive elements are supposed to come back once the user moves the mouse again, which only happens about half of the time, and if the user does not reload the page they are then stuck in the light-box, only possessing the ability to scroll back and forth through the enlarged images in any particular gallery they've become trapped inside. This might have something to do with the pixel ratio. I try to keep the vast majority of images at a max 1000 pixels, although because of the fact that the light-box takes up the entire browser window I had to raise the pixel ratio in order to maintain acceptable image quality. I still keep most of the images that need to have higher pixel ratios at a 1100, there is also a few at 1200, and even another one at 1300 on top of that. The pixel ratio can not be dropped lower for these particular images due to an unacceptable loss of image quality, even with Nik sharpener pro applied. One solution I thought of was to keep the tool bar at the top of the screen when the images have been enlarged, thus subtracting a small portion of the total circumference the enlarged image's light-box would take up, which would most likely eliminate the need for pixel ratios any higher than 1100, or maybe lower, this would not only solve the problem of the disappearing X with the fail safe navigational bar in place on every page, but it would also solve my second problem I think. The second thing that I can't fix is that the galleries sometimes fail to load the images, it reads all the images as fatal errors, I think this can be resolved by the method I have proposed, but in reality I am kind of at a loss. The images are most likely too big but I still want to keep them as large as possible with out running into loading issues. I built my site from scratch but I am still a bit spotty when it comes to some of it and java script is basically an alien language, ergo the uncertainty with how to resolved these issues without help. I don't need you to resize any of my images just give me a recommended size for both enlarged images and thumbnails, and then I can take care of the resizing. Thirdly I need a bit of search engine optimization done. I want my site to come up in Goolge searches. There is another photographer named Jeff Jacobson, which means that in order to find me on Google is to type in my site's exact name as one word. Thank you for the time, Jeff Jacobson

Compétences : CSS, HTML, Javascript

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