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I am looking for a cartoon to be made in the same style as the one on this website: [url removed, login to view] I quite like the way they mainly have it in black, grey and white, but there are signature splashes of colour throughout. Same with the cartoon character examples I can send you – they also seem to have splashes of colour. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how much or little colour to put in. As mentioned, I can send you pictures of some different cartoon men I like. Perhaps you can take the elements of these and merge them to create your own unique character. Or if we’re allowed, I’d like them to look as similar to the ones on this site, without them being so similar that we could get in legal trouble! : [url removed, login to view] When you design this cartoon for me, can you put it in whatever format it needs to be in for me to 'insert' it onto my webpage and it will play automatically as soon as they go onto my website (I don't know if you need to do that, or my web designer does). I also want to post it on sites like vimeo and youtube. I am looking for mine to be the same sort of shape the videos are on YouTube. I guess it needs to be in widescreen format. I'd also like some cool jazz-type music playing over the top. But I want it to automatically be in mute when they first go onto the site, with some sort of ghost-like symbol in the middle of the video (which stays there for about 5 – 10 seconds) for them to click on, if they wish to activate the music. Obviously for the version that’s going to go on youtube, vimeo etc the music should automatically play. In the example website, their whole cartoon lasts one minute, so i guess we should work to the same sort of timing ... see how you go... it may need to be slightly longer...90 seconds? The scenarios will be as follows (if we work together, we can explore the details of each scene in greater depth) (not sure how you'll do the transitions between each scene?...maybe like in the example, where the hand flips the paper over or the scissors cut the scene out): (1) the guy is on a crowded train commuting to work, all hemmed in, with his face in someone's armpit (as they have their arm raised to hold onto the train pole thing) (2) the same guy is now walking to work with a takeaway coffee in his hand, and someone bumps into him and it's spilled all over him (3) he's in his boss's office, being told off by his boss (bosses voice like the teacher's voice in Charlie Brown (the kind of "bwah bwah bwah") ... not sure how you'll depict that it's his boss. If need be, have "Managing Director" on the door to the office or something (4) the same guy is now at his desk, with a pile of paperwork like a tower and then it avalanches on top of him, so he's no longer visible (5) he then goes onto the computer and brings up my website (my logo will appear on the screen). He will ring me (I can send photo of me and make me into a similar looking cartoon character) and orders my services. (6) now the human hand (just like the example) picks him up out of his chair by the back of his shirt / top and plonks / drops him into a massage chair (will attach an example of what the chair looks like) and he gets a back and shoulder massage (7) then he's pushed by the human hand into a stress management workshop, where I'm at the front next to a black or white board saying "stress management workshop" and me and the class (including my cartoon man) are doing some breathing exercises (8) then he’s pushed by the human hand into a nice space where he's doing some stretching exercises - e.g. leaning over to his left side with his right arm raised above our head, and then the other way, as if he is stretching his sides (9) and then he's lifted and plonked back into his chair at his desk and his manager is standing next to him, both are smiling, and his desk is tidy, and there's pound (£) signs bouncing off everywhere; and my logo is on the computer screen again! I need the video to have two different endings - they will both have the cartoon version of me saying something in a speech bubble, but the words in the speech bubble will be different for both (haven't written it yet). EG. one ending will have me saying something about visiting our website (for the version posted on youtube etc); and the one that's going on my site will have me saying something about ringing me or filling in my form for a free report). We will stick with this job for now ie. the animated cartoon, but if all goes well and I like your cartoon people, I would also like you to quote me on drawing different versions of the cartoon version of me and our main man – I may need about 50 versions drawn, to use on printed material (e.g. business cards, flyers, etc). What I mean by that is I would like the cartoon man drawn (1) doing a yoga pose (2) looking stressed (3) the version of me pointing with a computer-mouse-cursor-hand thingy
. and so on and so forth. But as I say, let’s concentrate on the animated cartoon first, but do you think the drawings are also something you could do?

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