Refcardz (quick reference cards for developers)

Refcardz is an ongoing series of concise, technical, community-driven reference cards to help you be more productive on your projects.

We release one Refcard per week. So in the course of a year, we’ll release 52 Refcardz on a regular basis, but might release more if/when we do customized versions for partners/sponsors.


There are 2 versions of the same refcard – an online version and a print version

Each are 6 pages – 5.5 pages of content, .5 page dedicated to author feature, upcoming Refcardz, DZone info

Online Version

Individual pages (view the attached sample refcard - JavaServer Faces)

All links are live

If necessary, the online version can have additional pages (we see it as bonus content for members), if the author has written too much for 6 pages. In general, any refcard that has exceeded 6 pages for the online version has been 7 or 8 pages, but no more.

Print Version

Always 6 pages

Attached is copy of the JavaServer Faces refcard. I’m showing you this so you can see how this refcard had 7 pages for its online version, but we cut down the content to have 6 pages for the print version. It’s rare when we have a card like this one that is so content intense, but I wanted to show it to you because it happens on occasion. Which means it sometimes takes a bit more effort to reflow the content so it fits into 6 pages.


Author submits 1st draft

Ideally, 1 week for edits (by me)

1 week for author to incorporate edits

Content is submitted to designer to incorporate into design template (turnaround time – normally I set aside 2 weeks for this process)

1st draft of content in design template is sent to author to verify content is represented correctly (1 week)

1st draft of content in design template is sent to community for technical review (1 week)

Author incorporates relevant feedback from community review (1 week)

Updated content is sent to designer to update Refcard in design template (turnaround time – normally I set aside 1 week for this process. It’s rare, but sometimes it needs to be done in a shorter time period – 2 to 3 days)

Final is sent to author for one last review (1 week)

If necessary, designer updates edits from author (turnaround time – normally, 1 to 3 days)

Launch Refcard


Sometimes the turnaround times get shortened because something comes up with the author. They either get too busy with their day job, go on vacation, etc.

Another instance where I would ask you to push out a group of refcardz is if you are planning vacation, or I am. For instance, my current designer left for her honeymoon for three weeks, so I needed her to crank out about 4 refcardz before she left. One good thing about this is generally the content is in pretty good shape to make this happen.


Some Refcardz my need their design modified to include ads from sponsors. For example, on any refcard, page 1, column 2, an ad from a sponsor would replace the current house ad. The attached the JavaServer Faces refcard was sponsored, and shows what elements were modified - the house ad on page 1, column 2, and a logo was inserted at the top of each page.

Other notes:

The current template is final. The only thing that changes, in general, is on page 6 – the author bio, the list of “Upcoming” and “Published” refcardz, and sometimes I switch out the thumbnails of the refcardz shown on page 1, column 2 in the house ad and on page 6.

There is a separate print template that is also final. This template accommodates a tri-fold with hole drilling (see JavaServer Faces print version attached)

Each refcard generally involves redrawing any graphics/tables that authors submit. In general, authors don’t have the tools to submit the tables, graphics, illustrations in a high res format. However, I make the request, and if they can send them in a format requested by the designer, they will.


Must work on a Mac

Must work with Adobe CS3

Please provide samples of your work or a link to samples


The project price range is based on per refcard produced versus all 52 refcardz.

Compétences : Conception graphique

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