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Flash Track Building & Racing Game

Flash Racing Game

Game Requirements

Track Building Phase

1) Using provided track tiles, give the user a mechanism for creating their own tracks. See [url removed, login to view] for a very basic example of the tile pieces and how they fit together.

2) Track tiles can either snap to a grid, or snap to each other.

3) There will be a set quantity of each tile available for users. These quantities should not be hard-coded but taken from a database. There should be buttons with the image of the tiles on them with a "quantity remaining" number next to the button. When the "quantity remaining" reaches zero, the button should be grayed out. When the user hits the button a new tile should spawn in the track-building window, preferably next to the most recently placed tile. The button tile image should be about 50% of the actual tile size.

4) There should be no limit to the size of the track. Panning should be supported during the building phase. (I prefer being able to grab and move the track with a "hand" in addition to panning arrows.)

5) The tiles should not be hard-coded into the game, but should be loaded from a database so that new tiles can be added at any time.

6) Tracks should be required to make a loop/circuit.

7) The user should be able to hit a "RACE" button to race a car on their track. (Thus moving the game to the Racing Phase)

Racing Phase

1) Before starting the race, the user should be able to set the number of laps and the number and difficulty level of opponent cars for the race.

2) The car(s) should start behind the start/finish line in a grid with the player-controlled car at the back of the grid.

3) The cars should detect collisions with themselves and the walls of the track and ricochet away.

4) The cars should be able to have different handling characteristics including: top speed, acceleration, tire grip, over/understeer. These should be loaded from the database, not hard-coded. Top-speed and acceleration are pretty self-explanatory. Tire grip describes how easily a car will lose traction. Over/understeer describes how the car responds when it loses traction.

5) The cars should be able to be different colors that are not hard-coded but loaded from the database so that we can add new colors down the road.

6) Will most likely start with one model car, non-hard-coded but loaded from the database so that we can add new car models down the road.

7) Control of the car will be through the keyboard. Steering and throttle should not be instantaneously maximized or centered when a key is pressed or released. There should be some level of ramp-up/ramp-down for steering and throttle when keys are pressed or released.

8) As mentioned in item #1, there will need to be opponent AI cars who race in a somewhat intelligent manner. Their speed and intelligence should be determined by the pre-race settings. The AI behavior should be controlled by values that are saved in the database and not hard-coded. For each level of AI difficulty there should be variables driving the AI behavior. For example, the easiest AI could have slower cars.

9) When a user races, there should be a clock keeping track of their lap times, and total time.

10) A good example of the style and feel of the game can be seen at [url removed, login to view] The view is too close and we wouldn't need the mini-map if we could see a bit more of the upcoming track, but otherwise this game should be quite similar.

Assets Provided by Us

1) Adobe Illustrator files of the track tiles, top view. Other views may be available if required.

2) Adobe Illustrator file of a white car, top view. Other views may be available if required.

3) Adobe Illustrator file of our logo.

Assets Provided by You

1) Any other graphics required (loading image, pan arrows, crash effects, tire smoke, etc.)

2) Audio (squeeling tires, engine noises, crash sounds, etc.)

3) Computer code (obviously!)


1) Working flash-based game according to above specifications.

2) MySQL database for storing game information.

3) Instructions and/or tools for adding new cars and tiles to the game.

4) PHP based admin functions for tweaking stats on cars, quantities of tiles, etc.

5) Flash source file.

Project Updates and Time Frame

We have been let down twice before with previous freelancers and will be incredibly vigilant with this project. We require daily communication as to the progress of the project, preferably accompanied by the most current build of the flash game.

Our deadline for having this project live is November 10th.

Bid Requirements

In order to submit a bid on this project, please give specific examples of related projects that you have completed. Let me know what you think the toughest part of this project is and why. Convince me that you will get this project completed on-time.

Compétences : Adobe Flash

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