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STM32 PCB Design

I would like someone to design a PCB with the following features

Power Supply for 12v+ to [url removed, login to view]


LM393 comparitor ttl serial circuit

Bluetooth ttl serial circuit

Ground Plane

I have written the software for this project and i have a working hardware prototype using STM32 VL Discovery board and Roving Networks Bluetooth module. I would like assistance to design a small production ready PCB to allow me to produce these boards for sale.

I would like the design completed using a freely available PCB design software like Eagle as i would like to be able to review the design and have it in a format that i can modify at a later date as required.

I can provide reference designs for the STM32 and schematics for the other circuits as required.

Thanks for the great response to this project, I have some additional information which may be useful for the many people bidding on this project. Please PM me if you would like additional information and if you are still interested in this project.

To give this project some more context i will provide a brief explanation of the purpose of the PCB. This PCB will be used for several functions related to interfacing with a motorcycle ECU (mitsubishi m32r MCU)

* The power supply is from the 12v power on the motorcycle so it may vary from 12v to 14.5v (depending on alternator output) and it needs to be regulated to 3.3v for the STM32
* Relay engine data via bluetooth to a laptop for realtime engine data logging from attached m32R MCU
* micro SD card storage of engine data logged from attached MCU
* USB connection to retrieve logged engine data from micro SD card
* remote flashing of m32r over bluetooth

MCU: STM32F100/F103 LQFP48

Usart1 connected to Roving Networks RN-42 bluetooth module
PA9 (30): Tx to RN42 Pin 13
PA10 (31): Rx to RN42 Pin 14
PA11 (32): CTS
PA12 (33): RTS

Usart2 connected to Molex Mini Fit Jnr header (39-29-5043)
Usart2 will be used for remote flashing of the m32r over bluetooth. I need this to connect to the Mitsubishi m32r MCU which operates at 5v TTL serial logic so i need a circuit that converts from STM32 3.3v TTL to 5.0v TTL serial signal from Usart2 on the STM32 to specific pins on the molex mini fit jnr header on the PCB
USART2 CTS PA0 to Molex Pin 1
USART2 RTS PA1 to Molex Pin 4
USART2 Tx PA2 to Molex Pin 6
USART2 Rx PA3 to Molex Pin 3

Usart3 connects through LM393 circuit to pins on the Mini Fit Jnr header (see attachment for schematic)

micro SD card socket for on board data storage
I believe these are the correct pins on the STM32 for micro SD Card connection (please confirm)
PA4 (14): SPI1_NSS
PA5 (15): SPI1_SCK
PA6 (16): SPI1_MISO
PA7 (17): SPI1_MOSI

I would also like to incorporate a Mini USB (B type) cable socket onto the board so a PC can be plugged in to read the logged data off the micro SD card on the board

I would also like Led’s for Power, tx, rx and bluetooth status

I need to package this PCB in a plastic case for production so i would appreciate some guidance on how i would go about this and what options i have for packaging.

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