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*Look, No offense but English must be your first language to apply for this project or else you better be able to prove that you can speak perfect English with absolutely NO Accent.*

OK, What I need is very simple and should not be difficult to find. First and foremost I need you to be an honest person and/or company. I need someone who can actually execute this project effectively and NOT someone who just "Thinks" they know what to do or just has a desire to "Try". You need to be "Sure" that you can get this project done before you bid.

This project is very special and I need the perfect person for this position. Depending on the number and more importantly the quality of the inquires I get, I may choose ore than one person for this project.

My company is a very unique B2B service. You will NOT be required to sell any products. You will be calling executives and CEOs of very large companies and convincing them to sign up with my website for a unique service that they should be very happy to sign up for. What you need to do is this: I will tell you the name of my website, you will need to go to my website and form a script or talking points that you will use to convince executives and CEO's to sign up with my company.

If you are the person I am looking for, then you are familiar with creating great talking points that sell the product/service you are marketing, you just need to apply those same principles to my Business Service that you will be trying to convince executives and CEO's to sign up for. Does this make since so far?

I need an experienced well educated person to do this, my website is not that big and I will give you basic areas of interest for you to focus on, so this part will not be that difficult. However this is where I need you to work your magic, I need you to familiarize yourself enough with my website and the service it provides so that you will be on your feet and able to answer any potential questions from Executives your try to convince and sign up. The best way would be for you to apply your experiences with people you have talked to on the phone over the years to what questions you anticipate will be asked about my website. I am sure that the person I am looking for will have experience with writing talking points and highlights about the product/service you are trying to sell to executives you call on the phone.

I will pay you $25 to go to my website and familiarize yourself with it and write down taking points of what you would say to an executive or CEO in order to convince them to go to my website and sign up their company for my websites service. IF YOU ARE THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THIS PROJECT THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE AND KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO GO ABOUT ACCOMPLISHING THIS TASK.

After you are done familiarizing yourself with my website and you have written down your talking points or rather how exactly you will convince Executives and CEOs to sign up with my website, Then I will give you a very small list of executives to target. I will give you say 10 maybe 10-20 but most likely 10 to start with and see how you do. You need to have your own phone line that you can call any international phone number no problem. I will most likely give you all USA numbers but if you are from the UK then I may give you UK numbers. I will give you the personal name, position, company name and personal phone number of each Executive and CEO that I want you to target. I am going to start with just 10 or so because I need to make sure you are the right person for this position long term. I need to be sure that you are really a professional who knows how to warm up to the people you call and build a little rapport so that they feel comfortable signing with my website.

I realize that this ad is going to be VERY long, but if you break down the actually work that I need you to do, the work load is very, very small.

Really I just need you to familiarize yourself with my website and write your plan of how you are going to convince Executives and CEOs to sign up with my website

Then I will give you the names, positions and phone numbers of about 10 Executives and CEOs that you will need to call during specified hours that will be USA EASTERN STANDARD TIME

You will of course be required to call a person back at a specified time if they ask you to and attempt to build some type of rapport with these executives if need be

What I need is someone who knows for a FACT that they can handle this project and that person needs to have experience in this area. It is very important that the any one who accepts this project is someone who has experience speaking with Executives and CEOs. I need someone who is not intimidated at all by speaking to very important corporate individuals, You must be VERY confident and believe in your abilities. I need someone that has a very eloquent and articulate voice with a wide vocabulary. I want someone who is well educated and also very classy and refined.

You must know what you are doing, I cannot stress this enough. My company is a very special B2B area that you should have very little trouble getting CEOs and Executives of large companies to sign up for. However I need someone who has experience with forming a plan of how to convince Executives and CEOs to sign up for something, and I need someone who has had success with their plans. The person who accepts this project must be experienced and must be a successful individual who is extremely confidant in their abilities and is very articulate, eloquent and intelligent sounding. As I said before English must either be your first language or you must me able to prove that you speak perfect English with NO Heavy Accent.

Like I said, the service that you will be trying to convince Executives and CEOs to sign up for is great for any business or charity and they should want to sign up for this if you know how to do your job. I can not impress upon you enough the fact that you need to be experienced and successful at doing this type of job. I must have a professional that is well educated and meets all of the qualifications I have listed above.

I will pay you $25 to go to my website and come up with your plan as to how you will convince Executives and CEOs to sign up with my website for the unique service it provides. I will then give you 10 names with their company names and their positions and phone numbers. You will be expected to call each of these Executives at specified Eastern Standard Time and then do what you should know how to do, work your magic and convince them to visit my website and sign their company up for the service my website provides. Depending on how you do with those initial 10 targets you are given, then I will decide if I am going to use your services on a long term basis. I Need someone who is a professional and knows how to build a warm rapport with an executive and convince them that it is in their best interest to sign up with my website.

This is really a trial run that will provide you with a chance to show that you can do what you claim you can do and for you to prove that you are as good as you claim that you are at talking to and convincing Executives to visit a website and sign up for a service that is in their best interest. If you can provide real results in the form of signing a number of target companies that you will be given a list of, then you can procure a large order of target companies for you to pursue with a huge compensation plan. Remember, how you do with these ten target companies that you contact will determine if you are asked to do a large list of target companies and you will be offered a HUGE compensation plan, but you must provide real results with this first small list of 10 Executives first.

I tell you what, even though this is a trial run for you to show your skills, I will put in another $25 just to make it an even $50. That means I will pay you $25 for going to my website and coming up with a great plan for how you are going to convince Executives to sign their company's up with my website, and then another $25 just to make it an even $50. If you are the specific person that I pick for this project, then there is a possibility that I will pay you a $10 bonus for each of the 10 initial companies on the list I give you, that you convince to sign up.

Please remember, even if you think this isn't that much money and you think you are to talented and to good for this project, bid anyway, I promise you this is a unique opportunity that if you have positive results with it, it could make you a great deal of money in the future. Please only bid if you are a professional at Closing Sales Calls/ Telemarketing and speaking directly to Executives and convincing them to sign up for something. If you have a resume or or other factors that you think makes you an eligible candidate for this project, please include them with your bid. REMEMBER THIS:It is very important that you bid but remember I AM ONLY PAYING you $50 directly for this trial project and possibly a $10 bonus for each company that you convince to sign up, so ONLY BID $50. I promise you that my website has a unique B2B service that if you are a REAL Professional, you should have no problem coming up with a great air tight plan and convincing Executives to sign their companies up with my website.

I know this has been a very long ad, but I wanted to make everything very clear. I think I have described the exact person that I want to apply for this project. If you are unclear about anything please PM me. I will NOT tell any one but the winning bidder what my website is about or what the name of it is.(unless I choose more than one provider) Please bid only if you are confident that you can be successful and if you are experienced at this.

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