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Create a cloud-based database using Zoho Creator, Google docs, or your preferred platform that can:

1) Store and add member form information

2) Produce printable summaries and various views

3) Create an order form

4) Automatically update submitted order forms into database

5) Allow Administrators to add information directly

Here's how we imagine it may work. We are open to advise and if something is tricky/time consuming or overly complicated we can talk about ways to simplify.

For New members

Step 1 someone emails us saying they are interested in membership and ordering

Step2 We email them a link to the Member form

Step 3 They fill it in and submit it (admin should verify and also be able to add New member info from normal email or word of mouth as well as add/change existing members info)

Step 4 We then email them a link to the Order form which they fill out and submit

Step 5 If the form is correct they get an automatic email (thanks for your order of_______ See you at_______, on Thursday the ___ of ____for collection) If they have trouble an admin person can help them by email.

For Existing members

Each Tuesday we send out an email gmail (via mail chimp) that includes link to the form, existing members can fill out to place an order

Members form (filled out once by new members, updateable by Admin)

Member number (username)

Name (Password)

Best contact number

Email Address

Street Address

Best collection location (i)Brunswick East, (ii)Coburg or (iii)Delivery)

Order status (i)Tria (ii)Member Standing Order (standing order automatially repeats weekly or fortnightly) or (iii)Member Order as need via form

Order Form

Member number (user-name)

Member name (password)

(email us if you have forgotten your member number,)

Local Organic fruit and veggie boxes (choose one or more of the following from drop down menu)

$30 Bag good for 1 person

$35 Box good for 1-2 people

$42 Box good for small families

$50 Box good for large families

$42 Famer's Mixed box

Crumbs Organic Sourdough Bread (choose one or more of the following from drop down menu)

Seven Grain $6.30

100% Spelt $7

Sprouted Wheat $6.50

Casa $6

Sesame $6

100% Rye $6.20

Schultz Organic Dairy (choose one or more of the following from drop down menu) (NB milk order cut off Monday 10am for collection following Thursday Milk not visible after this time )

1L Full Cream Milk $3

2L Full Cream Milk $6

1L Skinny Milk $3

2L Skinny Milk $6

2L Bath Milk $7

500g Yogurt $5

1kg Yogurt $7.5

375g Quark $5.5

375g Feta $8.5

Pick up date (choose any Thursday except if order placed after 10am Wed can not choose to pick up following day)

Pick up Location

Pick up Thursday the_____ between 330pm-9pm Brunswick East

Pick up Thursday the _____ between 3pm-7pm Coburg

Late Pick up (please leave it out for me I WILL collect after hours on Thursday evening (Brunswick East only)

Delivery (can only choose this option if registered by admin for delivery, needs to be within certain boundary)

Payment (Show total)

Please direct deposit total into xxx account

using this Tag for easy admin

(Tag equals member number, name and pickup date eg 45Emily1705)

As administrators we need to be able to view and print information in the following ways

1)As a table of orders with member numbers/names running down vertical axis and pick up dates on the horizontal axis (showing past, present and future dates)

2) The exact same except showing all members numbers/names not just ones who have orders placed (It would be ideal if administrators could manually place an order into this table choosing from drop down menus)

3) A printable summary that would show totals for each Thursday

Total number of boxes

Total number of $30 bags

Total number of $35 Boxes

Total number of $42 Boxes

Total number of $50 Boxes

Total number of $42 Farmer's Mixed boxes

Total number of each type of breads and Dairy also

4) A printable list for each pick up location (i)Brunswick East and (ii)Coburg (iii) Deliveries

Showing total number of different types of boxes, breads and dairy for each location

Followed by a list showing the following info

a) Member no. (Trial members 000 top of the list)

b) Name

c) Contact nd) Veg order

e) Dairy order (or blank)

f) Bread order (or blank)

g) Payment box (paid, amount, date)(entered by admin)

f) Tick box for collection (or show after hours collection option)

g) Comments

We imagine this will be printed landscape so there is enough room

Other things to consider

1) Ideal if table is a continual calendar so we could look back and forward (thinking this system is a temporary system we hope to be succeeded by a website in September/Oct 2012)

2) Ideal if standing orders are shown in a different colour to emailed orders

3) Some members will not be able to use the form so Admin needs to be able to take info from a normal email or word of mouth and search member name or number and input information for them

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