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Hello to all Software Developers within this Forum. I need the following software program developed EXACTLY like the Sonic Memo #2 version program.....located at [url removed, login to view] ----- BUT be it your own code instead... so as to NOT infringe on any copywriting from their works whatsoever. ( I do respect the works of others and want to keep it that way... :-) This will be a serious project for those who are already familiar with this utilitie's functions and capabilities. ***I need the FOLLOWING SERVICES RENDERED please: 1. A LOGO for the software itself...within the program and to be used within a website...and for advertising purposes as well. (Information will be provided to you upon being chosen for the job.) 2. An Attractive Software Box designed to promote the product (EYE catching as all get out on this.) JPEG and in Gif Formats please. 3. An ICON designed for the software, after the end user downloads the software onto their computer's hard drive for them to click and activate painlessly. 4. SIMPLE Step by Step HELP and FAQ Files rendered within the program itself.... You can view sample files from the [url removed, login to view]'s program from within to give you ideas of what to do here....but please keep it simple....nothing's worse than someone emailing over and over again about some little something gone wrong. 5. An audio utility software program developed just like the one at: [url removed, login to view] - Others simply don't compare! This has got to be TOP NOTCH with quality written all over it... :-)) 6. Develop the software without copywrite infringement - whether it be the code itself or otherwise. 7. I will retain the EXCLUSIVE rights to such software, without limitations as to how I'm suppose to use or sell it....NO exceptions. 8. I'll retain FULL COPYWRITE and ALL CODE to said program exclusively....not to be resold to ANYONE....not even on eBay, Scriptlance, e-Lance etc.....except by ME and my company, again exclusively, should I ever contemplate on doing such a thing, if ever at all. 9. A contract will be implemented between you - your company and myself and my company for legal reasons only. 10. You will allow myself or any associate within my company to contact you about any said problems, functionality, etc.... on a continual basis should the need ever arise..... 11. This program has to BUG FREE.....nothing but BUG FREE. TESTED - TESTED - and TESTED again. 12. The program MUST be able to perform within the WINDOWS PC and the MAC PLATFORMS to make me fully happy....again no exceptions to just one.....both please....Thanks! 13. Further Specs as to what this utility does is within the [url removed, login to view]'s website for you to view and see what I'm looking for in a top notch product. 14. NOTE: NO inclusions of developer's name, company, 3rd party affiliates, etc...,are to be put anywhere within the software's interface or within any doc files, and doc help files. 15. If there are ANY QUESTIONS or IDEAS that you may have on this project then please don't hesitate in posting those within the MB. 16. A fully functioning HTML website Designed to Stop traffic.. (LITERALLY) I'm looking for eye catching graphics...but fast loading, and content that will sell the socks off of this software utility, stressing the benefits and features of the program with ease. Visual Screenshots of how the program works would be a big bonus within the site's design, but not within the 1st page of the site itself....so someone here would have to be familiar with say a program called: Camtasia or an equal program of said quality. (My endusers have to understand how this all works with SIMPLE instructions...so needless to say please keep it simple and painfree.) 17. Lastly, Design the software where it can be downloaded via the internet without a hitch....as a DIGITAL product....and provide ALL software files/code, html web files/code, logo/icon/graphics, etc... to me via direct download AND on a CD-ROM to be mailed directly to me when the project is complete. Again, this will be a serious project for those who are already familiar with this utilitie's functions and capabilities....and you can contract the design aspects of this project out if you aren't into designing logos, Icons, Websites, or anything of that nature, so long as it's done in a timely fashion along with the development of the software program aforementioned above. I'm strapped down with various projects myself and need this program to be TOP NOTCH in every aspect possible. (Meaning the software has to be BUG free and TESTED and TESTED and TESTED again...for my utmost of satisfaction.) A developer or developers who bring this complete product to full working fruition, with the utmost of satisfaction, with full contact followups for ever how long I need you to converse with me or my associates....about the program, software upgrades, bug fixes, etc., will have a CONTINUED working relationship with my company and can look forward to more repeat business for sure after this project. I will be thrilled for a developer/designer to get this project up and going for me ASAP. Thanks once again and Good Luck, C. Hughes :)

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