We need three systems , must be made in VB6 , with clean codes, and comments, either as one application, having the whole tree parts or three separate applications.

This application meant for supervising distant employees, “A” here is the supervisor, B,C and D are the employees, who work in one office where all the B,C,D systems are connected LAN, and connected to internet through a cable line with ONE IP address.

On yahoo messenger, A can send invitation to B, C and D to see his webcam,

B has to accept the invitation. Or B send a request to A to view his web came, and A has to accept the [url removed, login to view] order to view his webcam


What we want is A click a button and view B, C, and/or D web cam, without a knowledge of B, C, or D or any notifications to them, of course B, C, and D are a ware of the software that it is exist in their systems, which has to run at the time of opening the system, and they will have only 4 options , pause viewing , resume viewing , opening and close it, but there will not be any request for viewing or invitations. Viewing will be done from A when he click a button, automatically with no notifications to B, and will be auto approved, B, C, and D will not even know if A is watching them or not at any particular time.

Notice viewing cam here is one channel only, means A can see and view B, C and D. while B, C and D can NOT see or view A.


sometimes B,C and D climes that their internet is down, so we want A to be able somehow to find if B, C and D systems are having internet or not, by pinging their systems or what ever. The software in A has to check every like 15 minutes or 30 minutes and save a log file in A system on time and date when B, C and D internet connection was down, only when it is down.


A if he wants can find out all keystrokes B, C or D is typing, which application he is opining, what things he is typing……etc. all these information has to be stored in A’s system with all activities, date, time and the node of the system, was it B , C, or D system….

I am not going to select anyone, I will be paying $50 for each part of this application if it done separately and as I described, or $150 for the three parts separately or all on one application.

Now do not tell me anything, about your abilities, bid only with a link where I can see a demo to the application, ( after you make it ), if it is as I want, then I will buy it from you.



okay since no one is able to do it, while it is damn simple, and most maybe all the codes avialable in the internet for free, but i do not have time to search for them....i will make it $60 per part $180 for the whole applications.

also i accept the codes in any of these languages C, C++, VB.

i hope someone will be able to do it :(
if some thing as simple as tright forwared like this no one is able to do it, and in what VB, what the hell everyone here do??


Compétences : Programmation C, Visual Basic

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