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Myspace Friend adder requester

This project is for a Myspace Friend adder. I need a program made that will collect male users from [url removed, login to view] and then add them as friends. It needs to be multisocked and able to run on up to 100 socks. I already have the account maker where it creates accounts and saves them to a text file. The myspace sender i need built needs to grab the accounts out of this list as they are saved and then add friends on them. When the program adds friends it needs to attache a message to the friend request. You can attache a message up to 150 chr long. This is just the summary of the program. Below i have described the project in great detail. I have also included an example program of the myspace sender. This is an older version we had someone make for us but they are not online to update it anymore and the program does not work anymore. Please take a look at it though to get an idea of what we want. The program must be a desktop application like this.

- The program needs to beable to run at 100 adding socks

- We need to be able to select how many adding socks we wish to run and how many collecting socks we wish to run

- As you can see in the example program it has the option to descrease the sock amount and increase the sock amount while running. This way we can increase socks and decrease socks while the program is already running.

-The program needs to beable to attache a message up to 150chr long to the friend request.

-The message needs to be called from a [url removed, login to view] file.

- As you can see in the example program we can call words from certain wordlists in the mesage. For example say in [url removed, login to view] i had the message "hey whats up my name is #NAME#. The message will then generate the value of #NAME# by taking one of the words in the list NAME.txt.

- We need a option to set how many friend requests should be sent on each account before switching over.

- This myspace account sender works with 2 seperate systems. Like i said before it works with the account maker we already have. The account maker makes the accounts and saves them to a txt file. The myspace sender needs to monitor this txt file and when more accounts are added to it then it grabs those accoutns and starts using them.

- After so many sends myspace requires that you enter a captcha every once in a while before you send a friend request. We have a website setup where the captchas are entered by a data entry team. So the myspace sender needs to work with this. Its very easy though. Basically all you need to do is when you run into a captcha it downloads the captcha and then saves it to folder that we choose in settings. Once the image is added to the folder a program we already have will upload it to the website. Once it is entered by a data entry member on our site our program will save the result in a result folder as ImageName.dat. So for example say you download a captcha and you name it Captcha8283.jpg. When that captcha is entered on the website our program will save it to the result folder as Captcha8283.dat. That file will contain the value of the captcha that was entered from the site.

- Now the best way to do the captcha download is this way. When you try to send to a member and it says you have to enter a captcha dont download the captcha. Try sending to another members. Once you have got the message saying you need to enter a captcha on 3 different members in a row then you need to download the captcha on the 3rd time you got that message. This is because some users require a captcha at all times and we dont want to enter captchas for those people. The only way to make sure its a captcha that is required by myspace and not the user is by trying 3 different users. If on the 3rd you still have to enter a captcha then you can download the captcha. It must be 3 times in a row though. So for example say you tried to add 2 members as friends but on both members you got a message saying you had to enter a captcha. Then on the 3rd you dont have to enter a captcha. Then now the captcha shown stat will go back to 0 because once you send a friend request then that breaks the 3 in a row. You must get 3 in a row. Not 2 then 1 later on. It must be 3 in a row before the program downloads the captcha and waits for entry.

- The program also needs to not send to the same person twice. So it needs to save the friendid to a list after it send to that person. Then before it sends to a person it makes sure there not on that list. I need to beable to delete this sent to list at any point so the easiest way to do it is make the list a text file so i can manually delete it at times. Now make sure that you make the program check the list when we try to send to someone. Not when we collect someone. I have learned from experience that checking the list before you collect someone just slows down the program a lot. The best way to do it is collect every male and check if they are on the list only when one of the socks is trying to send to that user.

- The program needs to load a list of zip codes that we supply throuhg a text file. It uses these zip codes to search for males on the site. We need an option on the program that lets us choose the mile radius to use during searches using these zip codes.

This is the main summary of the project. I need it done very fast. I know it can be done in 2 days because the single coder who made this example program i have attached did it in 2 days. If you cant get it done in 2 days please let me know. I know sometimes it takes longer but i really need the project done quickly. If you have any questions please let me know. Only take on the project if you know you can make it run smooth and error free. If you have any questions please let me know. Also make sure you specify how long it will take to do the project. I am in a huge time crunch here and the timeframe to get the project done will have a lot to do with who i choose for the project. Thanks

Compétences : Programmation C, Visual Basic, Bureau Windows

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