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Assessment : Intervention Plan (60%, 3000 – 3500 words)

For this assignment you will be able to choose from a given set of scenarios (these will be placed attached as a file). Imagine the child is in your class. Explain and illustrate how you will engage with the different levels of Bronfenbrenner’s Social Ecology Model to address inequity. Your plan should include how you will personally address the gap in achievement, resources, and expectations to achieve equity and promote learning for all students. An emphasis on the impact on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment are essential.

This Intervention Plan asks that you look at all the factors that are important elements for the success of that student (or small group of students i.e. < 5) within your class and your school. The framework for the Intervention Plan is based on Bronfenbrenner’s Social Ecology Model in Bowes, J. & Grace, R. (2009). Children, families and communities: Contexts and consequences, (3rd Ed),Melbourne: Oxford University Press ( p. 8 – 10).

The format for this assignment (see below) should have the each of the headings addressed but you are able to write it in an essay/ report style. You must use relevant literature to support your ideas.

What must be included in the assignment?

1. Background (includes the areas below)

•&????;Macrosystem: Within this explain the ‘macrosystem’ influences , i.e. the attitudes and ideologies of Australian culture and how they may or may not relate to the Exosystem i.e. government legislation and educational (and other policies)

•&????;Mesosystem: what is the degree of congruence between the student(s) home, culture and school? Are the styles and expectations of both, similar or different? Explain the background of the student(s): e.g. cultural traditions, religious beliefs, language, educational background, family support/patterns.

2. Microsystem

In this section you need to imagine yourself as a teacher of this class and of this child (or small group of children) and respond to ‘How and what can I design as an intervention in the classroom that will meet this child’s needs and how can this intervention be linked to what else the whole school and the family can support? E.g. a reading comprehension program may be put in place that may be linked to a whole school literacy program and may require parental training or input to support the child’s learning.

§ Individual Teacher Within the Classroom

§ What does the teacher need to consider or implement in terms of classroom management /environment ? e.g. physical environment, social/emotional environment

§ How can the curriculum, teacher pedagogy and assessment be diversified to accommodate the needs of the student(s)? [Give general suggestions and then address Maths and English in detail].

§ Identify specific strategies that are to be used to improve the English and Maths outcomes for your student(s). Identify at least three different strategies for both Maths and English (i.e. 6 in total).These strategies must be based on research evidence that shows that these aspects prove to be more difficult for children from this particular background.

More details willl be provided

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