Web application using the existing samples in [url removed, login to view] Similar to web spreadsheet, grid with tree controls.

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Web application using the existing samples in [url removed, login to view] Similar to web spreadsheet, grid with tree controls.

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Create a client server web application using the existing samples in [url removed, login to view] The download is free and fully works for limited number of rows and columns.


1. Complete Java, JSP, HTML application code for both client and server

2. Paging: client root paging with scrollbar

a. Pages rendered on demand, set by Paging='2'.

b. The pages are rendered only if they are scrolled to view for given time. The time is set PageTime attribute, default is 200 ms.

c. It can be used for grids with rows about 500 ~ 20,000.

3. Need to access the application remotely on the internet in the browser – edit and save operations for large number of personal users

4. All CRUD operations with enforced user security

5. Mockup screen samples with all spreadsheet editing features, plus:

a. Resizable row height in all three panes treegrids

b. Lists, calendars, multiline and all other cell types need to be supported for each cell (and sub-cell)

6. Sample for JSP and/or HTML

a. Implement user security, like Schools sample, use [url removed, login to view] sample database [url removed, login to view]

b. You may start (not necessarily) from the sample [url removed, login to view] Select ExtJS style at the bottom, to see CSS skin shown in the screen mockup below

c. Many samples at [url removed, login to view] and some useful examples to copy features from:

i. [url removed, login to view]

ii. [url removed, login to view]

iii. [url removed, login to view]

7. Provide places in the code, with comments, for calling a Java routines, which will perform database calls for:

a. Select in left pane and select in the middle pane independently

b. Insert, Update and Delete operations in the left pane and the middle pane independently

8. There are two treegrids: in the left pane and in the middle pane

9. Especially in the middle pane, when there is more than one value in a specific column for a row, each of these values must be able to be handled separately. Additionally, in this example, for the one row in tree value of Review, there are multiple, six, values in column Company: Google, Yahoo, MSN, SuperWeb, Treepan, Sims. At least, the whole row Review must be resizable; better, if each sub-row for the six values is resizable

10. Row sizes in grids in the middle pane and in the right pane are synchronized, as in the original example

11. Row sizes in grids in the left pane and in the middle pane are NOT synchronized. Value selected in the left pane is the staring, row 1 value in the middle pane. In the mockup it is the value People

12. Display right-hand click menu on all cells and sub-cells, changing according to context

Mockup screen description with requirements:

1. Drag-and-drop from left pane treegrid to the column name row (header) in the middle pane treegrid, see nr 1 red arrow

a. Column names are the children of the list item from the left pane dropped in the column name row

2. Drag-and-drop from any pane treegrid cell or sub-cell to any other cell or sub-cell on all panes, including the header row, see other sample red arrows

3. As long as names on screen are changing as expected, do not worry much about the proper data from the database. It is all mockup

I pay for code that is only my property – cannot be used by anybody, including COQSoft, [url removed, login to view], other companies or users.

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